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What flavour are you?

Dear Bump

What flavour are you? We didn't want to know whether you were a boy or a girl, we wanted the surprise on the day, the same as for Markus!

I have no idea who is coming to us! For a lot of the pregnancy I thought you were a girl - you were head down, my bump is a bit smaller and you were a lot more active, I think you had more room to move than Markus.

I am excited by both possibilities. I can imagine hving a family of boys, 2 little monkey to jump on the bed, to play and to enjoy rough and tumble together. I think I am a boys mum. And yet, a daughter would also be lovely! Plus, I like your girls names better.

I love the excitement of not knowing who you are. You are such a lovely surprise for us. Who is coming to join our family? We are so excited to meet you...

lots of love

your mum-to-be


See all my postcards to my bump (ptmb2.0) posts here - they are being written now, but being retro-posted to fill my lj gaps!!