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My favourite Place to take you was....

Dear Bump

One of my favourite places to take you was into the water, sometimes with Markus! I swam and did lots of courses in water when I was in the third trimester.

On a Tuesday I went to aqua yoga in the Zurich Thermalbad at the Hurlimann brewery. Lots of stretching and yoga and relaxation in a small pool with a wooden floor. I would do somersaults to try and help you turn.

Wednesday was the birth preparation course in water at the Rheumad, Unispital. We did a lot of exercises with floats and noodles plus cool moves like somersaults and rock and roll moves.

Thursday was Markus' baby swimming class with Miriam. Markus and I would play in the water with the class and with "Punky"! We took Markus every week from when he was about 5 months old and he loved it. It was funny for me to think that I was taking "both of you" swimming!

And of course you wriggled a lot whenever I took a bath. You would make my bump go all lopsided, with my belly button as the "valley" and with a "mountain" either side. I think you were pushing up with your head and up with your knees adn feet, in a sort of horizontal position. You were comfortable, I wasn't, but it always made me laugh when you moved so much in the water :-) My bump would just ripple away.

Can't wait to take you baby swimming, you little water baby!

lots of love
your mum-to-be


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