Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 41: Your Daily Bread

At the end of the day, reflect upon the meals you’ve eaten that day: what did you eat, who did you eat with, what did you talk about, etc. Reflect on your mealtimes: were they rushed, boring, or special? What were your thoughts and moods?

I’ll track what I eat at the end of each day this week, from today (Tues) to Sunday. I really enjoy food and cooking and eating, but am on a weight loss journey at the moment, so food thoughts are constantly lurking at the edges of my consciousness. I already log everything I eat and count calories on weightlossresources so will post my daily totals here as well!

Tues: 1100 calories, eaten 959, 141 left
Boring breakfast of water, special K with skimmed milk, a nice cup of tea (eaten whilst staring out of kitchen window)
Quick lunch at laptop, green salad and an apple
A. was out this evening, so I ate alone. Had dry fried eggs, 2 small rashers of bacon, chipped baby potatoes and huge bowl of salad. yummy scrummy :-)
Drank a beer whilst watching a Buffy DVD in the evening!
I’m feeling pleased because I’m well within my calories, and that’s without earning any extra ones.</p>

Weds 1100 calories + 310 exercise = 1410, 1295 eaten, 115 in credit
A fairly uninspired day of eating.
Breakfast was special K with skimmed milk, cup of tea
lunch was a cup a soup, bread with butter, large green salad
supper was Low fat bolonaise sauce with 100g pasta, plain yoghurt with seeds and honey
Other, multiple cups of tea, apricot bar, bread with peanut butter and jam
Feel pretty satisfied, did my hour long walk / run up and down the local mountain, so had more calories to eat today.

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