Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Blessed by my friends

I am very blessed to be surrounded by friends, who have helped me so much and supported me over the last weeks and month. A roll call in no particular order :-)

I have made 2 new Mum friends recently, though reaching out on one of the expat lists. The three of us are expecting baby no 2 in the next month and already our toddlers have been getting on like a house on fire! Am excited about more playdates over the next 6 months!

Kerry babysat on Friday night, so that Mr.ncot and I could go out for a final romantic meal - check out glamorous big bellied pregnant nice_cup_of_tea! See next post for more details

Karen has helped me buy a wardrobe, lent mr.ncot the services of her Alan and daughter to build it, painted my toenails and taken me for a posh lunch this week! Oh, and we had Sunday lunch there 2 weeks back - see previous post

Jill took me for a glorious spa visit - see previous post

We visited Eddie, Al and Aimee recently to celebrate Aimee's 2nd Birthday :-) see previous post

And my best friend of all mr.ncot retrieved my data from my sick and dying Dell laptop and helped me get setup on my shiny lovely hp laptop :-) Plus all his manic nesting!

Plus of course many texts, emails, facebook and livejournal comments from my web friends. Thank you :-) How did I get to be so lucky and blessed?

Tags: friends, mr.ncot, pb2.0, zürich

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