Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2011_07_17 month 9, week 38

So, my pregnancy is nearly over :-)

Gestation - 38 weeks and 1 day

Estimated weight of baby (according to last hospital scan) - 3.8kg - I think it will be higher

I have no idea if it is a boy or a girl this time. Secretly I think it is a girl and secretly I think I want another boy, but what do I know? :-)

My weight went from 76.4kg to 88.2kg, ie 11.8kg (26 pounds, less than 2 stone) gain (less than last time, which was 13.5kg!)

My waist went from 83cm to 117cm (same ending size as last time)

My bump was very high and breech shaped and quite lopsided, head was on the left side as I looked down, sometimes my bump seemed to split into town with belly button being the "valley" - am sure baby was stretching horizantally from head to knees / feet

I won't miss the heartburn, backache, piles, infections and mad hormonal fits of Markus

I WILL MISS baby moving around inside me and being just me and it

Neither of us can wait to have a little newborn again

Alan won't miss my complaining about various complaints, or having to push me off the sofa (his foot or hand in the small of my back) or my pregnancy fuelled snoring

Tags: pb2.0, pbphotos

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