Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2011_06_23 Week 34 / Month 8 and still bum down

End of 8 month bump. Can it get any bigger and what a bizarre, high shape! That's a breech baby for you!
How I feel
When this photo was taken, I only had another week or so to go at work and was well ready to stop working! Feeling tired, bump aching, bit stressed about finishing all the loose ends at work.

Weight gain so far / fitness
About 10 kg weight gain, still feeling fairly fit and active - have been in water three times a week which has been really helping. Tuesday is aqua yoga at the Hürlimann spa, Weds is birth course in water at the Uni Spital and Thursday is baby swimming at Triemli. Have also been doing yoga positions and somersaults in water, but baby still hasn't turned and it is getting less likely that he or she will turn.

Same as before - Exhaustion, heartburn ALL THE TIME, aching bump

Desperately trying to get everything done - happy that I am signed off at 50% for 2 weeks and then at 100% from the start of July

Things to do before no 2 appears
The list doesn't seem to have changed much!
Sort room out - get 2nd bed, get bigger wardrobe
Finish Markus' baby book
Make real photo album of professional photos (maternity, birth, ceremonies, 9 months)
Make blurb book of his first year

Tags: pb2.0, pbphotos

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