Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

There will be some serious updating going on...

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So, after 3 days of work, I have finished setting up new hp laptop and recovered 99% of the data from the dying dell laptop. I have a few more things to retrieve, need to install outlook and get my phone syncing properly, but we are pretty much good to go :-) Can't tell you what a relief this is!

In any case, I have lots to write about, before going into hospital for scheduled c-section next week, so watch out for a flurry of livejournal posts, tweets and facebook updates. Just warning you :-)

*nice_cup_of_tea flexes typing fingers*

Old, dying dell laptop on left (3.2kg)
Sleek, light black and sexy hp laptop on right (2.8kg)

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