Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
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Summer time and the living is easy

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We had a lovely long "pfingsten" (pentecost weekend).

I met up with many friends
* Penny with 10 month old Flint on Saturday morning
* Jill on Saturday evening (one drink each, 3 hours of gossip)
* Sylvia for lake walk and playground on Sunday morning
* Katie for spa visit and dinner on Sunday evening
* Katherine and 3 month old Gabrielle on Monday afternoon

Plus I slept lots, sorted out new baby stuff, moved stuff to attic, the baby bed was delivered (thanks Leslie) mr.ncot made the bed and in between Mr.ncot and I had time for a chinese take away.

I am ready now for the nesting to kick in :-) Can't believe I am 33 weeks already, just 7 weeks (or less to go)!

And I just found some excellent advice online about preparing ourselves and toddler for baby no 2!
I am also organising a meet up of new mums in Zurich, finding some new pals for maternity leave no.2 :-)
Tags: family, friends, mgm, pb2.0, summer, zürich

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