Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
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Markus at 21 months

2011_05_23 month 21
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Boy, is it getting harder to get these photos! The little lad won't sit still for a second ;-) As mr.ncot keeps saying, "you're the best little boy in the world" and we are besotted with him. Am starting to realise that we have just 2 short months before we have to share our attentions between markus and baby no.2.

I went to the "Mütterberatung" this week - I found one I can visit on Monday ie on my day off. Markus is now just over 11kg and 84cm which puts him just under 50% for both and the health visitor was happy with that. I asked about his speech (still not really talking) and she said that generally they expect to see speech really developing between 2 and 2.5 years and to wait a bit longer before worrying! She did suggest we get him to remove his dummy when he is trying to "talk" to us! New words? Yelling "allo" at anyone he can see :-)

His eating is getting better, but still a bit of a picky eater. It was much better on holiday, but then we would all sit down and eat together and had more time, so maybe that's the key. The holiday was just great for having the time and space to play with him :-)

He really enjoys dancing to music and has a few moves. Loves twirling round on the spot. Can also clap in time to a tune. Plus, loves watching the yoga program on cbeebies and follows along - so cute! Obstacle course still a favourite game at home, plus catching bubbles blown by papi.

Is still quite clingy, definitely patting my tummy a lot more now, wants lots more cuddles. Sleeping is getting better, but often still wakes at 4am for water. And his canine teeth are finally breaking throuh.
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