Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Perfect Summer Saturday

Markus, Jamie and Kerry
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Some Saturdays are just too damn perfect. Today a case in point!

Markus and I met Jamie and Kerry at 1030 for coffee and croissants at Kafi für dich which is a great cafe in Zurich with a children's play corner.

Then off ot the slightly bohmemian park at Bäckeranlage to play in the sun. Order of fun? Sandpit, football, then paddling! Markus fell in, but luckily Kerry had a spare costime. Good mummy .-)

Then a picnic lunch in hte shade and finally Markus showed signs of tiredness, so off home we went. And I got a 3 hour sleep this afternoon, so now feel full of beans.

Oh, and bonus points to Kerry - she figured out why my "new" to me (secondhand) pram was handling like a slow-moving tanker. There is catch on the front wheel to fix or release it! Now that the front wheel is free moving, the pram handles like a dream :-)
Looking forward to many more happy times with our friends Jamie and Kerry in Zurich!
Photos of our day here
Tags: friends, mgm, summer

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