Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The 19 questions meme!

I was tagged by the lovely mrsdanvers so here we go - should be doing other things, but can't pass up a good meme!

The Rules:

1. People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question.

2. Tag six people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.


01. Make a list of 5 things you can see without getting up.
"Couldn't care less about the royal wedding" mug, my molekine notebook, my basket of nail polishes to sort, the overflowing pile of post, my intray

02. How do you style your hair?
Style? Wash and leave to dry!

03. What are you wearing now?
H&M maternity jeans, x-large grey tshirt from H&M, black hooded top

04. What's your occupation?
HR professional / Learning and development specialist

05. What do you hear right now?
Wood pidgeons outside, plus a plane, plus the coffee pot

06. What's your favorite guilty pleasure treat?
Chickflick novels, Terrys chocolate oranges

07. Are you hungry?
Nope, just had breakfast

08. Write the first word that comes to mind.

09. Dog person or cat person?
cat person

10. What song is currently stuck in your head?
Old macdonald had a farm (thanks to my little lad)

11. What was the last thing you bought?
ball of string

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
South Africa

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 minutes?
Refilling my coffee cup

14. Last book you read?
Annie Sanders "The Xmas factor"

15. What are you doing this weekend?
As little as possible!

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
I can :-) I play piano and viola, but need to refresh those skills

17. How are you?
A bit tired and pregnant - achey bump and women's bits!

18. What are you doing tomorrow?
Going back to work :-(

19. What are you looking forward to the most?
Starting maternity leave at the end of June!
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