Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - April 2011

it is a beautiful spring day here in Zurich - hurrah!
2 Apr via web

who knew that ipods were such a fascinating toy for toddlers? :-)
2 Apr via web

nicest thing - Markus and Alan playing outside in the courtyard, sun shining!
3 Apr via web

made very delish cauliflower cheese for supper - yummy, yummy, yummy! :-)
4 Apr via web

Trying to back up everything on my laptop., before doing a much needed reformat!
7 Apr via web

V excited! Waiting at airport to pick up friend liz and daughter :-)
9 Apr via txt

Airport arrivals is not the best place to be when you are emotional & pregnant! Happy tears :-)
9 Apr via txt

having a lovely weekend with Liz and Phoebe. The sun is shining and its Sechseleute today!
11 Apr via web

Toddler M seems to have learnt this week how to scream "Nein!" Oh, the joys :-)
13 Apr via web

Baby no 2 is head down already - hurrah! Hope he/she stays in that comfortable position!
14 Apr via web

had a lovely lunch today with some new friends (home soup and 3 diff salads!) and toddler me was in good form :-) Now off for a nap!
16 Apr via web

hearburn, heartburn, heartburn - only cure, milk and chocolate cake :-)
17 Apr via web

just been into town to watch the Zurich marathon - a beautiful sunny day and lots of inspiring runners! Next year maybe!
17 Apr via web

just watched the London Marathon 2011 hightlights and felt very homesick for London and my then (2001) running days & (very slow) marathon!
17 Apr via web

beautiful sunny summer day in Zurich. I love my "day" off - have done washing, shopping, lunch & now we are napping! Lake next with friends!
18 Apr via web

Toddler M and I exhausted after a lovely long summer afternoon in the park, with balls, spades and ice creams!
18 Apr via web

looking forward to the long Easter weekend - 4 days in Zurich with my boys :-)
22 Apr via web

Toddler M has learnt to "count" in züritüütsch - he say "eis" (eins) and counts to three with his fingers, ending with "ooh" (drüe) :-)

chilling at home with the laptop, while hubbie works in the frontroom and the little lad sleeps :-)
22 Apr via web

Baby stuff up to the attic, including the blue bugaboo (sob sob!) But have new (secondhand) phil&Ted pram to console me. Room for two in it!
23 Apr via web

Photos catchup http://j.mp/hB9vAf
23 Apr via LiveJournal.com

just back from a big shop at sihlcity and am pooped. Mama and bump off for a little nap :-)
23 Apr via web

A lovely Easter Sunday - tapas lunch and lots of gossiping (mamas), playing (dads and toddlers) in a Rapperswil restaurant :-)
24 Apr via web

Had forgotten the happy, hysterical pregnancy hormones :-) Nearly lost it laughing out load at this video http://tinyurl.com/3sp49en
25 Apr via web

boys are out in the sun, bump and I are clearing bookshelves, listening to "lemon jelly" :-)
25 Apr via web

have been fending off royal wedding questions from swiss colleagues all day, but have just seen the highlights on Channel 4 & cried a little
29 Apr via web

just got a very lovely email from my closest friend in Zurich and nearly had a little hormonal cry :-) Blame it on the bump... !
30 Apr via web
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