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Originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea
I took this photo on Tuesday night, after leaving the PWG (Professional Womens Group of Zurich event).

After 4 years on the Executive Committee, attending 48 EC meetings and arranging / leading 48 events, I attended my first event again as a "normal member" and surprisingly, it wasn't as odd as I feared.

It was great to be able to sit where I wanted, network with the people I wanted to, and not have to be running around doing this & that - taking money, introducing people, helping the speaker, plugging in the beamer, chasing the hotel staff, etc etc.

I was proud to sit back and watch the other leaders in motion, to sit back and reflect on the organisation that I helped to lead and create. When Jill and I took over in April 2007, we had an average of 20 to 25 members per event. Now it's 75+ with 250 pwg members on the books. The organisation is now truly international, with more than 50% of the members NOT having english as their first language. It's not just about British and American female expats any more.

My last "official" event was March and I was facilitating the event, since the speaker had been invited by me. At the end, I handed over to Jill, who made a lovely speech about everything I had done - about my ÌT and web skills when I was Communications Manager, about all the "Networker" newsletters that I had written and edited, about the events I faciliated and about my leadership skills. That I also asked the right questions to help us move forward.

And now it's time to take a break, find a new professional challenge! Goodbye PWG, you gave me a lot :-)