Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Photos catchup

I finally have my photos from the last 3 months sorted and up on flickr. I realise every time that I feel so much happier when I have time on flickr and here on livejournal to keep my online life up to date. I think that I need to prioritize my free time better. I have lots of photo projects to complete before baby no 2 arrives :-)

Anyway, here's the update.

The last couple of months have been busy. We recently had our Bristol friends Liz and Phoebe to stay. Lovely sunny weekend in Zurich, and we watched the Sechsileute parade.

In March we went to London for the blessing of Ish (my godson) and Jay (alan's godson) in Kew Gardens and we caught up with Sal, Amit, Mags and Mano. A very chilled weekend indeed. Markus followed big boy Ish (a year older than him) around like a shadow and they played well together. We are going on holiday with them in May, which will be great.

Also in March, my brother Chris came for the weekend - Markus was absolutely besotted with his big Uncle! We are staying with them for a weekend in May as well, so can't wait to see how Markus (will then be 22 months) and Drew (3.5 years) will get on. Drew is already very excited that Markus is coming to stay.

In February we visited Al, Eddie and Aimee in the mountains outside Zurich and went to Geneva for the weekend to visit Andrea, Alex and Gabi.

Last but not least, a few photos of growing bump no.2!
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