Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - March 2011

saw king's speech last night & absolutely loved it! How do we find our voice in life? How can we step upto the plate & be who we should be?
5 Mar via web

The boys have left the flat, so I am lunching alone on baked beans on toast (with real expensive imported cheddar cheese) - bliss!
5 Mar via web

Sitting in starbucks with my journal, trying to sort my life out!
5 Mar via txt

have done a lot of thinking and writing today - in my personal moleskin and in my livejournal blog - and feel a lot better for it!
5 Mar via web

just made it to my first pregnancy yoga session at Birthlight yoga - it was great, feel really stretchend! www.birthlightyoga.ch
6 Mar via web

a few more words from our little lad - bubba (bubbles), mama, papa !!
6 Mar via web

today toddler m drank water from a normal water bottle - then lost interest / concentration and upended the rest over him and me!
7 Mar via web

Is there anything nicer than freshly washed and changed bedlinen?
7 Mar via web

Happy International Women's Day!
8 Mar via web

just been to another pregnancy yoga class - feel stretched and nicely tired!
10 Mar via web

Just read a really interesting HBR article on mentoring. Emphasizes that mentoring is more important than ever now, fo…http://lnkd.in/i575eY
11 Mar via LinkedIn

Preparing for next week's business trip to Wroclaw!
11 Mar via LinkedIn

Happy that my "little bruv" is here in Zurich for the weekend and that our little lad has taken a real shine to him - hurrah for uncles :-)
11 Mar via web

A beautiful spring monday - the day smells fresh,blue sky, singing birds! Is winter finally done?
14 Mar via txt

Packing and preparing for business trip to Wroclaw. very excited, but also sad to be away from family for 5 days, longest time yet :-(
14 Mar via web

Finally checkedin and relaxing in lounge before flight to münchen then wroclaw!
14 Mar via txt

Getting deja vu - flight to München / Wroclaw is delayed!
14 Mar via txt

Back in Wroclaw! http://j.mp/enzdY3
14 Mar via LiveJournal.com

Typical! No toddler to hear crying and i still wake at 0130 and 0430!
15 Mar via txt

Wroclaw mission accomplished... http://j.mp/hujQjX
17 Mar via LiveJournal.com

safely home in Zurich after a great business trip to Wroclaw. Poland. Can't wait to pick up my little lad later today & of course see Hubbie
18 Mar via web

Up at 06.30 with little lad this morning, just gone down for his nap - hurrah! I love being home :-)
19 Mar via web

Blissful Sunday - slept in until 0930, ate breakfast in bed, now off to have a soak in bath with red magazine and coffee! Thanks lovely mr.A
20 Mar via web

feeling very happy, contented and healthily pregnant - 21 weeks today :-)
20 Mar via web

Beautiful sunny spring day down by the lake! M and me are playing ball :-)
20 Mar via txt

such a proud mummy - made chicken and apple bally (courtesy Annabel whatshername) and M. scoffed down 8 of them!
20 Mar via web

happy 41st wedding anniversary to my parents! And good luck to my mum who has another knee replacement op today.
21 Mar via web

Monday outing to frauenfeld to see work friend and baby! Sun is shining, what could be better?
21 Mar via txt

Happy first day of spring and the sun is shining brightly in Zurich. Plus, my personal training is done for this week and I feel great!
21 Mar via web

hurrah - now have the rest of this week off - Back to work next Tuesday.

Having a 2 hour glucose test at the Dr! Blood test
23 Mar via txt

packing for our long weekend in London! Markus and I have freshly cut hair :)
24 Mar via web
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