Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Twice in one week!

Will miracles ever cease? For the second time this week I dragged myself to pregnancy yoga (a class at Planet Yoga this time) and had a great time. The session was longer and harder. The instructor Maya also led the post natal classes I did after Markus was born. At that time she was heavily pregnant with child no 3 and was doing beautiful yoga :-)

We had a great relaxation session at that end and my little 9 month passenger was doing a few yoga kicks and twists of her/his own. So cool :-)

Each time I do yoga, I feel like I am building a wall of protection (against stresses of work) around me and bump. I feel that I am adding a precious focus to the pregnancy, that I am doing something really good for us and at the same time, building my self confidence back up again (it's pretty rock bottom at the moment, because of said work stresses).
Tags: pb2.0, yoga

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