Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - January 2011

Toddler m has finally learnt how to drink from a doody cup :-) 5:38 PM Jan 31st via web
It had to happen - M. has tumbled off our bed, but seems to be a bouncy, unbreakable toddler! My heartrate is slowly returning to normal :-) 4:12 PM Jan 31st via web

My little swiss lad enjoyed his first plate of "rösti" (grated/fried potato) for supper, with a bit of grated cheese! 10:38 PM Jan 25th via web

Memories of my Dr. Marten's http://j.mp/g4jSJD 10:25 AM Jan 23rd via LiveJournal.com

Best noise in the world? Hearing woofing and miaowing from my boys in the kitchen!

In the snowy confusion today managed to get on the wrong bus - duh! 8:49 AM Jan 20th via txt

Holiday cottage is now booked in the Peak District for our May holiday with best London mates Sal Amit et al! http://snipurl.com/1v33ro 10:43 PM Jan 17th via web

Get me out of here! http://j.mp/eNsCCY 10:32 PM Jan 17th via LiveJournal.com

A beautiful warm bright winter day and toddler m and I are sitting by the lake with clear view of the mountains! 3:53 PM Jan 16th via txt

Let sleeping boys lie? Both the big lad and the little lad are still fast asleep at 0915. Do I wake the family, or have another coffee? :-) 16 January 2011 09:15:03 via web

Mum friends out there - when did your little ones starting talking? Toddler M is now 18 months & hasn't really started. 15 January 2011 09:50:47 via web

a voice of breastfeeding reason in the midst of debate on babble --> http://blogs.babble.com/strollerderby/2011/01/14/breast-is-still-best/ 14 January 2011 20:36:28 via web

Two space, or not two space(s)? http://j.mp/fdN76f 14 January 2011 20:29:06 via LiveJournal.com

enjoying the best part of the day - the 5 minutes after the boys have left whilst I finish drinking my coffee before leaving for work! 13 January 2011 08:09:12 via web

Listening to very tired baby, who is currently SCREAMING! Alan is taking his turn :-) 12 January 2011 22:33:40 via web

End of long day - now sat on sofa with cup of tea and laptop - bliss! 10 January 2011 19:18:36 via web

Our cinderella story... http://j.mp/i0Us2j 10 January 2011 14:18:07 via LiveJournal.com

we went t our first music together class together today - great fun! Banged things, sang and met new friends! Thanks Cezanne :-) 10 January 2011 14:11:26 via web

wish me luck - just about to do a reformat and then complete reinstall of my ailing laptop! Hoping to extend it's life by 6 months :-) 09 January 2011 14:47:09 via web

toddler has fever and tummy bug, mummy has stinking cold, daddy is currently healthy! 08 January 2011 17:49:35 via web

am loving www.babble.com ! :-) 08 January 2011 14:52:11 via web

have booked rooms in the Ramside Hall Hotel in Durham for our friends' wedding on May 7th - very excited! 08 January 2011 09:49:21 via web

Friday night and indian curry on the way :-) 07 January 2011 20:00:46 via web

Markus' first molar is partially through - teeth count now 9! There is a large gap between top 4 teeth and this molar - is that normal? 07 January 2011 09:25:00 via web

Markus had his first full blown tantrum today at 16.5 months - not a pretty sight! Took me 3 attempts to wrestle him into his pram :-) 03 January 2011 20:48:56 via web

finally eaten the christmas pudding! Was delish, with swiss gruyere double cream :-) 02 January 2011 21:54:04 via web

christmas tree and decorations have been cleared away, life now has to return to normal :-( 02 January 2011 15:35:14 via web

markus is trying to learn how to jump in the kitchen - I just hear giggles and see flapping arms, but his feet haven't yet left the floor! 1:18 PM Jan 2nd via web

Word of the year, 2011: Letting go http://j.mp/dECEsE 9:04 PM Jan 1st via LiveJournal.com

Resolutions Update - December 2010 http://j.mp/hZHZ8g 8:44 PM Jan 1st via LiveJournal.com

Books read in 2010 http://j.mp/fJzOMi 8:38 PM Jan 1st via LiveJournal.com

first supper of the new year and it's pizza - hurrah! 8:10 PM Jan 1st via web

Happy 2011.... http://j.mp/fjemEd 12:02 PM Jan 1st via LiveJournal.com

Happy New Year and may all your resolutions and plans come to glorious fruition in 2011! 9:42 AM Jan 1st via web
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