Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Get me out of here! Markus at 17 months

I think my 17month old little charmer has begun to recognise the monthly pattern of spotty blanket, rocking horse and mummy wielding her camera. This month he was intent on getting out of the rocking chair, as you can tell!

He is so active at the moment, toddles at speed, but hasn't quite learnt to jump yet (but it's amusing watching him try - he squats and flaps his arms like a good 'un, but his feet don't leave the ground!)

He is "talking" away all the time, shame we don't actually understand what he's saying. Has a few utterances which he uses consistently:
bye bye (with wave, every time he leaves room!)
doo-doo (imitate the kitchen timer, but also seems to be for any vehicle, ie he points at trams, buses, trains as he "doo-doos"!
Oh, and he can make a woofing noises for dogs!

His is now at nursery 4 days a week and is still really happy. Has had cough and cold for what seems like months now.

At the weekend we had a nice Sat afternoon out - walk by the river, play in the playground and then a family snack at La Vapiano at Sihl city, photos here

Oh, and snapshots for 2011 are here, may do a weekly snapshot instead of daily, not sure! Oh, and a new user pic, taken just before christmas - Mami and Markus "collaborate" at the laptop!

Tags: family, lj, mgm, mgmphotos

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