Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The prodigal slipper

Originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea
The slipper that was lost has been found! I love Swiss efficiency. Markus must have pulled his slipper off whilst on the tram going to Kinderkrippe on Friday, because when Alan brought him home, he only had one furry foot!

Mr.ncot scoffed at my notion that the zurich transport lost property office would have the lost slipper. "Who on earth would hand in a baby slipper?"

Today I went to the office and the nice efficient swiss lady said "Yes,that looks familiar, I think I've just seen the other slipper":... and within 2 minutes the pair of furry feet were reunited.

Cost of retrieving slipper, 5chf. Proving your husband wrong - PricelessI
Tags: mgm, switzerland

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