Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 5 | 10st 13.5lb | Oct 10th

Hmm, still 10 stone 13.5 after a good week, so a tad disappointed. On the plus side, I managed to walk the Uetliberg 5 times and do a long skate, so I’m getting fitter. I have changed my calories to be slightly less this week, so will see if that helps!

Mon: 1100 + 310 = 1410 | 1126 | 284 in credit
Tues: 1100 | 959 | 141 in credit
Weds: 1100 + 310 = 1410 | 1295 | 115 in credit
Thurs: 1110 + 407 = 1507 | 1543 | 36 in debit
Fri: lost the plot today, 2 berliners, red wine etc etc, so have reset weekly net to 0!
Sat: 1110 + 385 = 1485 | 1808 | 323 in debit
Whooops! today was going well until i had popcorn and maltesers at the cinema - or can I discount these as part of the 'entertainment' and therefore no calories?!
Sun: 1100 + 801 = 1901 | 1920 | 19 in debit
Weekly Net: 342 in debit

Favourite Foods Report
i am delighted - red wine is nowhere to be seen!
Nice cup of tea
Water, Mineral Or Tap
Bio Dinkelbrot, Coop*
Apples, English Cox, Average
Lager, Becks*
Parmesan Light, Coop*
Farmer Soft, Aprikosen Getriedestaengel*
Salad (basic & Olives)
Salad (basic)
Honey, Pure, Clear, Average
Fusilli, Dry, Average
Weisse Bohnen, Coop*
Nuts, Mixed
Special K, Kellogs*
Sultanas, Average
Kiwi Fruit, Fresh, Raw
Nectarines, Average
Mixed Seeds, Salad Sprinkle, Nature's Harvest*
Tags: weight

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