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Tweeting in the gaps - December 2010

Books read 2010 http://j.mp/dVPPDE
11:33 PM Dec 30th via LiveJournal.com

writing a letter to my future self with www.futureme.org - a great way to think positively about the future & get feedback from the past!
11:13 PM Dec 30th via web

watching our wedding video (now converted DVD) - we looked so young and beautiful!
7:24 PM Dec 30th via web

Happy 10 years to us! http://j.mp/hxjhf7
12:20 PM Dec 29th via LiveJournal.com

celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary yesterday with our traditional meal at Uto Kulm, top of the Uetliberg. Thanks Jill for babysitting!
12:18 PM Dec 29th via web

2010: The Year in pictures http://j.mp/fYvrO5
12:26 PM Dec 28th via LiveJournal.com

peace reigns in the moran palmer household - toddler asleep, hubbie out!
11:54 AM Dec 28th via web

Month 15 and 16 (taken 14 Nov and 14 Dec 2010) Our little lad is now definitely on the move, walks everywhere, loves… http://j.mp/fkhKqr
1:16 PM Dec 27th via LiveJournal.com

December 2010 @ helenpalmer.co.uk http://j.mp/eVNW8X
12:43 PM Dec 27th via LiveJournal.com

Am doing some stuff at the laptop in the bedroom and all I can hear is my boys rampaging in the kitchen - I am going to investigate? No :-)
10:07 AM Dec 27th via web

My first Christmas pressie from mr.ncot? an hour in bed, tucked up with laptop, whilst mr.ncot looks after the little lad & prepares lunch
10:22 AM Dec 25th via web

A white christmas in Zurich - Merry christmas everyone, hope you have a peaceful and relaxing day!
10:21 AM Dec 25th via web

Last shopping stop then i'm done!
2:06 PM Dec 24th via txt

snowing again in time for Christmas!
12:02 PM Dec 24th via web

just turned my 2010 tweets into a nifty word cloud - http://2010.instatus.es/s/?1jF5MsY
11:33 AM Dec 23rd via 2010.INSTATUS.ES

have made the final shopping list and will be delegating this later!
10:14 AM Dec 23rd via web

finally do the online christmas food shop! Seem to have bagged one of the last delivery slots for the 24th Dec :-)
5:53 PM Dec 22nd via web

and now the washing machine has broken down - perfect timing!
11:57 AM Dec 22nd via web

Fridge has arrived! Doesn't seem to be working properly, but hey!
21 December 2010 15:36:10 via web

Beautiful clear view of mountains at Bürkliplatz!
21 December 2010 11:41:29 via txt

waiting for new fridge after nearly 2 weeks of surviving with a coolbox! next task is christmas food shopping! Worth cooking turkey for 2?
21 December 2010 09:40:47 via web

Staying nice and warm tucked up in bed today!
19 December 2010 12:02:21 via txt

Parens arrived safely this morning, tea consumption has increased sharply in the nice-cup-of-tea household!
18 December 2010 17:45:16 via web

Parents safely at mullhouse, just on french / swiss border. Eta tomorrow in zurich 12 noon palmer time, ie who knows when? :-)
17 December 2010 20:00:58 via txt

Parents have now reached Nancy, France in their camper van! Should arrive Sat!
17 December 2010 17:22:24 via txt

Been a week now without fridge and we are getting desperate :-( 16 December 2010 19:38:42 via web

Off to posh team dinner at kronenhalle! A good way to start my last week at work this year :-) 13 December 2010 19:30:14 via txt

very very tired after kids' christmas party then the last baby swimming class of the year :-) Early to bed I think.
09 December 2010 21:40:34 via web

Ducking out of work to collect markus for the kids christmas party in the office! I am very excited :-)
09 December 2010 15:46:41 via txt

Getting ready for the PWG holiday event at the Thai Blue Monkey in the old town! Final event of 2010.
07 December 2010 17:08:51 via LinkedIn

Just got a new computer screen at work - WIDE screen! Goodbye aching eyes!
07 December 2010 16:48:30 via txt

Markus is grouchy and trying my patience today. Has just done an andrex puppy impression in the bathroom, shredded toilet roll everywhere!
06 December 2010 13:32:16 via web

Resolution update - November 2010 http://j.mp/dPckpk
06 December 2010 11:03:55 via LiveJournal.com

Tweeting in the gaps - November 2010 http://j.mp/erPOL3
06 December 2010 10:59:57 via LiveJournal.com

finally have an empty inbox, all bills paid, a toddler peacefully sleeping like a baby and a cup of tea - bliss!
06 December 2010 10:45:20 via web

missing wisdom tooth / jaw still hurting - 4 days on :-(
06 December 2010 10:44:32 via web

Had busy week, including 3 hour marathon session at dentist, inc wisdom tooth removal - ouch :-( Hoping for a realxing weekend!
2:04 PM Dec 4th via web

Advent seems to be a good time to reflect on this year's projects and to start planning for next year!
9:35 AM Dec 1st via LinkedIn