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Books read 2005

Books Read: 2005 (from 03/2005)
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: J.K.Rowling
Juggling: Barbara Trapido
Long Way Round: Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman
Love Rules: Freya North
The Stars' tennis Balls: Stephen Fry
Feet of Clay: Terry Pratchett
The Sex Life of My Aunt: Mavis Cheek
The Poisonwood Bible: Barbara Kingsover
Katwalk: Karen Kijewski
One No, Many Yeses: Paul Kingsnorth
Somebodies and Nobodies: Robert w. Fuller
The one you really want: Jill Mansell
An Italian Education: Tim Parks
Last Chance to see: Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants: Ann Brashares
The inimitable Jeeves: P.G.Wodehouse
I Capture the Castle: Dodie Smith
Always and Forever: Cathy Kelly
The Ivy Chronicles: Karen Quinn
The Birth Order Book: Kevin Leman
The Princessa: Harriet Rubin
1000 neue Dinge, die man bei Schwerelosigkeit tun kann: Jenni Zylka
The Shipping News: E. Annie Proulx
Can Reindeer fly?: Roger Highfield
No Plot? No Problem: Chris Baty
Negative Space: Zoe Strachan
Where the Heart Is: Billie Letts
What she wants: Cathy Kelly
Glamorous Powers: Susan Howatch
Let me go: Helga Schneider
I'm a Teacher, get me out of here!: Francis Gilbert
The Mill on the Floss: George Eliot
Funny Countries: Richard Breen
My Sister's Keeper: Jodi Picoult
The New York Trilogy: Paul Auster
The Literary Representation of Fate in Thomas Hardy's Novels: Kristen Ott
In Praise of Slow: Carl Honore
Saturday: Ian McEwan
The Undomestic Goddess: Sophie Kinsella
JK Rowling: Sean Smith
The Big Over Easy: Jasper Fforde
Fox Evil: Minette Walters
Lazy Ways to make a Living: Abigail Bosanka
The Ninth Life of Louis Drax: Liz Jensen
Bumps: Zoe Barnes
Dinner for Two: Mike Gayle
Like a hole in the head: Jen Banbury
Big Women: Fay Weldon
Provincial Daughter: R.M.Dashwood
The Devil wears Prada: Lauren Weisberger
Staying Alive: Matt Beaumont
Last Chance Saloon: Marian Keyes
Love you to bits and pieces: Gillian Helfgott
Don't Eat This Book: Morgan Spurlock
The travelling hornplayer: Barbara Trapido
Single White Email: Jessica Adams
Random Acts of Kindness: Danny Wallace
The Honeymoon: Justin Haythe
You shall know our velocity: Dave Eggers
Sushi for Beginners: Marian Keyes
Rivals: Jilly Cooper
Neverwhere: Neil Gaiman
Rachel's Holiday: Marian Keyes
Postcards from the Edge: Carrie Fisher
The Wasp Factory: Iain Banks
The Shape of Snakes: Minette Walters
Das Cafe der Glueckseligkeit: Billie Letts
Are you Dave Gorman?: Dave Gorman & Danny Wallace
The Tenko Club: Elizabeth Noble
Round Ireland with a Fridge: Tony Hawks
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency: Alexander McCall Smith
Music & Silence: Rose Tremain
Catch me if you can: Frank W. Abagnale
Home Truths: David Lodge
Girl Meets Ape: Chris Manby Elegance: Kathleen Tessaro
Husbands: Adele Parks
Rule of 4: Ian Caldwell, Dustin Thomason
Bleak House: Charles Dickens
Love Poems: Erich Fried
The girl's guide to hunting and fishing: Melissa Bank
Good Omens: Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
The Five People you meet in Heaven: Mitch Albom
Breakfast at Tiffany's: Truman Capote
The Child That Books Built: Francis Spufford
Shakespeare my butt: John Donaghue
The Making of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Robbie Stamp
No need for speed: John Bingham
Pandora: Jilly Cooper
The Story of V: Catherine Blackledge
Message in a Bottle: Nicholas Sparks
Uptown Girl: Olivia Goldsmith
The Black Cat: Jenny Maxwell
The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini
Promise of Happiness: Justin Cartwright
What should I do with my life?: Po Bronson
Scandal, A scurrilous history of gossip: Roger Wilkes
The Double Bass: Patrick Sueskind
How to lose a guy in 10 days: Michele Alexander & Jeannie Long
The Man who made Husbands Jealous: Jilly Cooper
Hannibal: Thomas Harris
The Screwtape Letters: CS Lewis
The Manticore: Robertson Davies
Ralph's Party: Lisa Jowell
Join Me: Danny Wallace
Oracle Night: Paul Auster Gunner Milligan, 954024: Spike Milligan
Shopaholic Abroad: Sophie Kinsella
Are you experienced?: William Sutcliffe
The Pupil: Caro Fraser
The London Pidgeon Wars: Patrick Neate
Ticking along Too: Dianne Dicks
Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte
The Time Traveller's Wife: Audrey Niffenegger
The Aladdin Factor: Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen
Fahrenheit 451: Ray Bradbury
Fat is a Feminist Issue: Susie Orbach
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy The Original Radio Scripts: Douglas Adams
Damenbart: Susanne Betancor
Marrying Mom: Olivia Goldsmith
Death in a strange country: Donna Leon
Starter for Ten: David Nicholls
Irish Girls about town: Binchy, Keyes, Kelly et al.
Flatmates: Chris Manby
Dead Poet's Society: N. H. Kleinbaum
The Lilac Bus: Maeve Binchy Glittering Images: Susan Howatch
The Assistant: Bernard Malamud
The Secret Life of Bees: Sue Monk Kidd
Therapy: David Lodge
Thanksgiving: Michael Dibdin
Type - The Secret History of Letters: Simon Loxley
Bad Heir Day: Wendy Holden Simply Divine: Wendy Holden
Das New York Tagebuch: Else Buschheuer
Als Hitler das rosa Kaninchen stahl: Judith Kerr
The Science of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Michael Hanlon
Nothing bad ever happens at Tiffany's: Marian Keyes
The State of Poetry: Roger McGough
The I-hate School Survival Handbook: Sebastian Spottly-Bott, Kylie Klunkit
Toast: Nigel Slater
Father Frank: Paul Burke
Macht´s gut und danke für den Fisch: Douglas Adams
Imogen: Jilly Cooper
How to live with a calculating cat: Eric Gurney
The Line of Beauty: Alan Hollingshurst
The Picturegoers: David Lodge
English Correspondence: Janet Davey
Dumping Hilary: Paul Reizin
The Cat That Could Open the Fridge: Simon Hoggart
How to Make an American Quilt: Whitney Otto
Schweinsgalopp: Terry Pratchett
The Girl with a Pearl Earring: Tracy Chevalier
The Eyre Affair: Jason Fforde
Lost in a good book: Jason Fforde
Heather blazing: Colm Toibin
I'm a stranger here myself: Deric Longden
500 Mile Walkies: Mark Wallington
Come Together: Josie Lloyd & Emlyn Rees
Perfect Strangers: Robyn Sisman
The Silence of the Lambs: Thomas Harris
The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole: Sue Townsend
Politically Correct Bedtime Stories: James Finn Garner
Amadeus: Peter Schaffer 40
Other People's Children: Joanna Trollope
84 Charing Cross Road: Helene Haff
Playing Away: Adele Parks
The Jane Austen Book Club: Karen Joy Fowler
The Trouble with Single Women: Yvonne Roberts
Mr Vertigo: Paul Auster
Der Kontrabass: Patrick Suesskind
The Red Tent: Anita Diamant
Prince Joe: Suzanne Brockman
Ballet Shoes for Anna: Noel Streatfield
Wunde Punkte: David Lodge
Emma: Jane Austen
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: Douglas Adams
The Time Traveller's Wife: Audrey Niffenegger
Thinks...: David Lodge
Don't Panic: Neil Gaiman
The Drowning People: Richard Mason
Timbuktu: Paul Auster
PS, I love you: Cecelia Ahern
Payback: Graham Lancaster
Cloud Atlas: David Mitchell
Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married: Marian Keyes
Girlfriend 44: Mark Barrowcliffe
Beyond Chocolate: Margaret Oetig Davidson
Looking for Andrew McCarthy: Jenny Colgan
Mostly Harmless: Douglas Adams
Dancing in a Distant Place: Isla Dewar
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time: Mark Haddon
50 Facts That Should Change the World: Jessica Williams
The other woman's shoes: Adele Parks
After you'd gone: Maggie O'Farrell
Just Between Us: Cathy Kelly
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<a name="booksread"><font color="fuchsia"><b>Books Read: 2005</b></font> (from 03/2005)
<font color="red">204</font>
<span class="tiny"><a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3051581">Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: J.K.Rowling</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3572669">Juggling: Barbara Trapido</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3572676">Long Way Round: Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3335842">Love Rules: Freya North</a>
<font color="red">200</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2876961">The Stars' tennis Balls: Stephen Fry</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2506547">Feet of Clay: Terry Pratchett</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2788740">The Sex Life of My Aunt: Mavis Cheek</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3004574">The Poisonwood Bible: Barbara Kingsover</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2438634">Katwalk: Karen Kijewski</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2026109">One No, Many Yeses: Paul Kingsnorth</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2127748">Somebodies and Nobodies: Robert w. Fuller</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3167242">The one you really want: Jill Mansell</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2615873">An Italian Education: Tim Parks</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2877949">Last Chance to see: Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine</a>
<font color="red">190</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3411791">The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants: Ann Brashares</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3415031">The inimitable Jeeves: P.G.Wodehouse</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2638725">I Capture the Castle: Dodie Smith</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3460683">Always and Forever: Cathy Kelly</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3038526">The Ivy Chronicles: Karen Quinn</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3447592">The Birth Order Book: Kevin Leman</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3447589">The Princessa: Harriet Rubin</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2642874">1000 neue Dinge, die man bei Schwerelosigkeit tun kann: Jenni Zylka</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3125162">The Shipping News: E. Annie Proulx</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3057503">Can Reindeer fly?: Roger Highfield</a>
<font color="red">180</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2503641">No Plot? No Problem: Chris Baty</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2791980">Negative Space: Zoe Strachan</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1688509">Where the Heart Is: Billie Letts</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3416233">What she wants: Cathy Kelly</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3407301">Glamorous Powers: Susan Howatch</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2847482">Let me go: Helga Schneider</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1671522">I'm a Teacher, get me out of here!: Francis Gilbert</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2959471">The Mill on the Floss: George Eliot</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2400277">Funny Countries: Richard Breen</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3152609">My Sister's Keeper: Jodi Picoult</a>
<font color="red">170</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2799863">The New York Trilogy: Paul Auster</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3117222">The Literary Representation of Fate in Thomas Hardy's Novels: Kristen Ott</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3089500">In Praise of Slow: Carl Honore</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2653066">Saturday: Ian McEwan</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3313012">The Undomestic Goddess: Sophie Kinsella</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3313004">JK Rowling: Sean Smith</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3022636">The Big Over Easy: Jasper Fforde</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3296144">Fox Evil: Minette Walters</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3296485">Lazy Ways to make a Living: Abigail Bosanka</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2606787">The Ninth Life of Louis Drax: Liz Jensen</a>
<font color="red">160</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2849431">Bumps: Zoe Barnes</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2131636">Dinner for Two: Mike Gayle</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2909807">Like a hole in the head: Jen Banbury</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2849420">Big Women: Fay Weldon</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3152608">Provincial Daughter: R.M.Dashwood</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3062326">The Devil wears Prada: Lauren Weisberger</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3051621">Staying Alive: Matt Beaumont</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3231192">Last Chance Saloon: Marian Keyes</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3231196">Love you to bits and pieces: Gillian Helfgott</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3051627">Don't Eat This Book: Morgan Spurlock</a>
<font color="red">150</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2838551">The travelling hornplayer: Barbara Trapido</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2065347">Single White Email: Jessica Adams</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3181356">Random Acts of Kindness: Danny Wallace</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3125160">The Honeymoon: Justin Haythe</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3125145">You shall know our velocity: Dave Eggers</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3198663">Sushi for Beginners: Marian Keyes</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2789141">Rivals: Jilly Cooper</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3106679">Neverwhere: Neil Gaiman</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3125142">Rachel's Holiday: Marian Keyes</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1638567">Postcards from the Edge: Carrie Fisher</a>
<font color="red">140</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3061147">The Wasp Factory: Iain Banks</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3159336">The Shape of Snakes: Minette Walters</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2629995">Das Cafe der Glueckseligkeit: Billie Letts</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3048826">Are you Dave Gorman?: Dave Gorman & Danny Wallace</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3152625">The Tenko Club: Elizabeth Noble</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2927539">Round Ireland with a Fridge: Tony Hawks</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1699512">The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency: Alexander McCall Smith</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2987361">Music & Silence: Rose Tremain</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3125154">Catch me if you can: Frank W. Abagnale</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3125165">Home Truths: David Lodge</a>
<font color="red">130</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3140430">Girl Meets Ape: Chris Manby</a> <a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3140435">Elegance: Kathleen Tessaro</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2989489">Husbands: Adele Parks</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3004576">Rule of 4: Ian Caldwell, Dustin Thomason</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2614389">Bleak House: Charles Dickens</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3106655">Love Poems: Erich Fried</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2788116">The girl's guide to hunting and fishing: Melissa Bank</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/987129">Good Omens: Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2320719">The Five People you meet in Heaven: Mitch Albom</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3014721">Breakfast at Tiffany's: Truman Capote</a>
<font color="red">120</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2951837">The Child That Books Built: Francis Spufford</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2979802">Shakespeare my butt: John Donaghue</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3048842">The Making of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Robbie Stamp</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2972384">No need for speed: John Bingham</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3000676">Pandora: Jilly Cooper</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2614500" target="buch">The Story of V: Catherine Blackledge</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3002119">Message in a Bottle: Nicholas Sparks</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2789183">Uptown Girl: Olivia Goldsmith</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2981416">The Black Cat: Jenny Maxwell</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2909582">The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini</a>
<font color="red">110</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2574166">Promise of Happiness: Justin Cartwright</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2995862">What should I do with my life?: Po Bronson</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2909691">Scandal, A scurrilous history of gossip: Roger Wilkes</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3018108">The Double Bass: Patrick Sueskind</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/3014688">How to lose a guy in 10 days: Michele Alexander & Jeannie Long</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2919890">The Man who made Husbands Jealous: Jilly Cooper</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2788716">Hannibal: Thomas Harris</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1768447">The Screwtape Letters: CS Lewis</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2919876">The Manticore: Robertson Davies</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2919882">Ralph's Party: Lisa Jowell</a>
<font color="red">100</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2916805">Join Me: Danny Wallace</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2655507">Oracle Night: Paul Auster</a> <a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1605032">Gunner Milligan, 954024: Spike Milligan</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2788111">Shopaholic Abroad: Sophie Kinsella</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2919885">Are you experienced?: William Sutcliffe</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2913051">The Pupil: Caro Fraser</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2550269">The London Pidgeon Wars: Patrick Neate</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2890451">Ticking along Too: Dianne Dicks</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2875325">Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2772682">The Time Traveller's Wife: Audrey Niffenegger</a>
<font color="red">90</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2919894">The Aladdin Factor: Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2872572">Fahrenheit 451: Ray Bradbury</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2674725">Fat is a Feminist Issue: Susie Orbach</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2808886">The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy The Original Radio Scripts: Douglas Adams</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2642895">Damenbart: Susanne Betancor</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2849405">Marrying Mom: Olivia Goldsmith</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2555335">Death in a strange country: Donna Leon</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2641908">Starter for Ten: David Nicholls</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2849426">Irish Girls about town: Binchy, Keyes, Kelly et al.</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2882543">Flatmates: Chris Manby </a>
<font color="red">80</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2789195">Dead Poet's Society: N. H. Kleinbaum</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2789193">The Lilac Bus: Maeve Binchy</a> <a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2674771">Glittering Images: Susan Howatch</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2838532">The Assistant: Bernard Malamud</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2642566">The Secret Life of Bees: Sue Monk Kidd</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2849412">Therapy: David Lodge</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1832393">Thanksgiving: Michael Dibdin</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2611371">Type - The Secret History of Letters: Simon Loxley</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2849415">Bad Heir Day: Wendy Holden</a> <a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2849418">Simply Divine: Wendy Holden</a>
<font color="red">70</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2642897">Das New York Tagebuch: Else Buschheuer</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1862561">Als Hitler das rosa Kaninchen stahl: Judith Kerr</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2833963">The Science of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Michael Hanlon</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2838485">Nothing bad ever happens at Tiffany's: Marian Keyes</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2838490">The State of Poetry: Roger McGough</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2838559">The I-hate School Survival Handbook: Sebastian Spottly-Bott, Kylie Klunkit</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2391465">Toast: Nigel Slater</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2180134">Father Frank: Paul Burke</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1339650">Macht´s gut und danke für den Fisch: Douglas Adams</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2789174">Imogen: Jilly Cooper</a>
<font color="red">60</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2789156">How to live with a calculating cat: Eric Gurney</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2652230">The Line of Beauty: Alan Hollingshurst</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2611368">The Picturegoers: David Lodge</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2652227">English Correspondence: Janet Davey</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2652229">Dumping Hilary: Paul Reizin</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2656330">The Cat That Could Open the Fridge: Simon Hoggart</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1749906">How to Make an American Quilt: Whitney Otto</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2611352">Schweinsgalopp: Terry Pratchett</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2553721">The Girl with a Pearl Earring: Tracy Chevalier</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2254853">The Eyre Affair: Jason Fforde</a>
<font color="red">50</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2723691">Lost in a good book: Jason Fforde</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2723684">Heather blazing: Colm Toibin</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2723565">I'm a stranger here myself: Deric Longden</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2658265">500 Mile Walkies: Mark Wallington</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2674876">Come Together: Josie Lloyd & Emlyn Rees</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2674914">Perfect Strangers: Robyn Sisman</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2674833">The Silence of the Lambs: Thomas Harris</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2674434">The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole: Sue Townsend</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2674540">Politically Correct Bedtime Stories: James Finn Garner</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2674425">Amadeus: Peter Schaffer</a> <font color="red">40</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2674847">Other People's Children: Joanna Trollope</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1654028">84 Charing Cross Road: Helene Haff</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2615797">Playing Away: Adele Parks</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2611348">The Jane Austen Book Club: Karen Joy Fowler</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2512056">The Trouble with Single Women: Yvonne Roberts</a>
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<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2607635">Ballet Shoes for Anna: Noel Streatfield</a>
<font color="red">30</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2611399">Wunde Punkte: David Lodge</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2611394">Emma: Jane Austen</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1815364">Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: Douglas Adams</a>
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<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2595838">Timbuktu: Paul Auster</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2589716">PS, I love you: Cecelia Ahern</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2524393">Payback: Graham Lancaster</a>
<font color="red">20</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2551614" target="buch">Cloud Atlas: David Mitchell</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2589725">Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married: Marian Keyes</a>
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<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2558068">The other woman's shoes: Adele Parks</a>
<font color="red">10</font>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2559021">After you'd gone: Maggie O'Farrell</a>
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<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2558182>I'm a believer: Jessica Adams</a>
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<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2558228">Life, the Universe and Everything: Douglas Adams</a>
<a href="http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2558231">So long, and thanks for all the fish: Douglas Adams</a>
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