Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - November 2010

Had lovely relaxing day at spa with best mate sal and it is still snowing!
5:50 PM Nov 27th via txt

First snow of the winter :-)
9:24 AM Nov 24th via txt

so excited! My parents are driving to Zurich in their new camper van and will be here on Dec 3rd! Now trying to find a camp site for them.
9:14 AM Nov 22nd via web

Have only managed to sell 6 books but at least have covered my table fee!
1:36 PM Nov 20th via txt

Long day of training successfully behind me - now off to baby swimming!
6:23 PM Nov 18th via txt

multitasking in the kitchen in my jimjams after a long day at work - cooking, drinking white wine, blogging and updating pwg website :-)
7:32 PM Nov 17th via web

Just off to fifa hq in zurich for our nov. pwg event. very excited!
5:29 PM Nov 16th via txt

Hurrah! Can finally tweet again via my mobile - only took Twitter support 6 weeks to give me the correct info :-) We got there in the end!
2:19 PM Nov 14th via web

2:16 PM Nov 14th via txt

back home after a long day of training! Bit sad that we have delivered the last of the "Stakeholder Management" trainings this year :-/
7:17 PM Nov 9th via web

really unhappy at the lack of support from twitter. Have failed to solve a simple support call and keep marking the call as "solved" :-(
1:00 PM Nov 8th via web

My new Gmail signature! http://j.mp/d60kGz
12:57 PM Nov 8th via LiveJournal.com

listening to bbc 6 music and laughing as markus wiggles to rap. we are now fighting for possession of the keyboard!
11:14 AM Nov 8th via web

just had a nice haircut and colour :-) my head feels kilos lighter!
3:14 PM Nov 6th via web

Just had really good personal training session with Katarina :-) http://www.personaltraining-zurich.ch/
10:52 AM Nov 1st via web
Tags: lj, twitter

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