Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

What I did on my holidays!

I think I got a reasonable balance of tasks done and relaxation during my 4 days off. I am really pleased that I did 2 yoga sessions and generally feel more on top of things. Plus, on Friday, I really did have the day to myself - a facial, then some shopping (a few clothes, 2 cool pairs of boots, new purse), then lunch, then a film ( The Social Network, very good) then home and a take away for supper with Alan.

Here is the updated postit note list - the postits below are the ones I have done. I did lots of hearts ie things that would make me feel good, but also lots of things I should do, but I feel okay about this.

Today was lovely, we walked down to the lake with Markus and played in the leaves. Plus he really started to walk properly on his own. During a couple of hours this afternoon at home, he went from two to three hesitant steps, to really walking around the flat independently (with a few bumps onto the bottom!)
More autumn walk photos here
Tags: autumn, family, films, mgm, odds and sods

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