Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - September 2010

markus is still intent on rearranging my desk - quick, distraction needed!
28 Sep

today's lesson? Pumping the bugagoo tires makes pushing the pram with the 10kg boy MUCH easier :-)
28 Sep

good day at work, led working on mentoring for one of my development programs
27 Sep

bit of a c*ck up with the online shop - now have 6 kilos of courgettes :-) Anyone have a good courgette soup recipe?!
25 Sep

On train going out of town and enjoying a beautiful sunrise over lake zurich!
22 Sep

Mr.ncot and I work far too hard - we are both at home working on business projects :-(
21 Sep

lunch with my boys! http://twitpic.com/2qksqy
21 Sep

nice way to start my day - bouncing on the bed with my boys!
21 Sep

walking to work with the smell of autumn in the air
21 Sep

very excited! Just off to the airport to pick up one of my bestest friends Caro! She lives in Australia so we don't get to meet up much :-(
20 Sep

doing what I love best - organising and editing my photos, uploading to flickr, blogging and generally being creative!
19 Sep

"By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of your life." former Coca Cola CEO Brian Dyson, 1996 (http://conta.cc/cH47Ij)
19 Sep

All quiet on the zurich front - mr.ncot studying, babyncot sleeping, me surfing! How long will this last? :-)
18 Sep

The weekly http://snipurl.com/140b15 & monthly http://snipurl.com/140ar4 shots of our little lad are up on flickr!
17 Sep

nomadic working - at the studio! http://twitpic.com/2p95ua
17 Sep
I'm a nomad now - now working in my friend's studio in town!
17 Sep

Ha! Have finally managed to work out how to email from my mobile phone - has only taken me 7 months to figure this out!
17 Sep

Starting my precious Friday off with some surfing time and a nice cup of chai tea latte in Starbucks!
17 Sep

We had our first family supper together this evening - our little lad fed himself! With both hands, stuffing food into his mouth :-)
13 Sep

now in my "third place", a cafe in my street, white wine in hand, guilt free creative time here I come :-) http://www.cafe-bubbles.ch/

end of a productive day - 5 loads of washing and drying done, 2 hours of office work, phone call to friends in Germany, family meal cooked!
13 Sep

my little lad is a domestic god, long may it last! He loves the dyson and is transfixed by the washer and tumbler in the cellar :-)
13 Sep

battle of the brei (baby cereal/porrige) is happening in the kitchen - Mami has sensibly retreated to regroup :-)

decided to get back onto fitbug.co.uk again seriously - lots of steps to make and kilos to lose!
12 Sep

photo of my little lad lost in thought at Starbucks http://twitpic.com/2nsism

perfect sunday - sunny, gentle stroll with the littlelad into town. now enjoying a ncot in starbucks whilst M. plays with a biscuit :-)
12 Sep

Our clever little chimp has learnt to turn off the television and then look at us for approval - trouble is, we laugh and clap. Discipline?
11 Sep

Trying to pack for our holidays - not easy! Our little lad has so much stuff :-)
5 Sep

off to the Zurich Expat Expo to help advertise PWG - Professional Womens Group of Zurich! Come along and say hello :-) Table 77
5 Sep

why don't little people understand about sleeping in late at the weekend?
5 Sep

need some baby advice - my little lad is now 1 and has stopped eating well and is waking 1 to 2 times a night. Why? What to do?
4 Sep

clearing my desk whilst the little lad sleeps!
4 Sep

and now looking for our Friday take out - curry from Kings's Kurry across the road :-)
3 Sep

looking forward to my Friday, lots to do, starting with Kinderkrippe drop off
3 Sep

back home after a internal workshop on web 2.0 and social media - lots of inspiration and tools to check out!
2 Sep
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