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Cheeky Boy Grin

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This weekend we went shopping for winter clothes for Markus - we have done so well so far on gifts, great second hand stuff etc But we realised that we would need to buy him quite a lot of new clothes, including tights. Don't ask, all swiss little lads wear them :-)

Anyway, here is my little boy blue about to go out for a walk with mr.ncot, sporting his new winter hat - and yes, those squirrels for ears! He also has a matching scarf and mitts (see below).

In other news, I have spent the entire weekend in a whirlwind of domestic activity - cleaning kitchen (inc. scrubbing the floor), about 5 loads of washing, lots of cooking for Markus and for us, plus internet shop, plus ... oh, I forget. I don't feel very rested, but at least our household is still ticking over.
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