Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Finding the Plot!

I’ve discovered that walking up and down the Uetliberg provides fertile imagining ground for nanowrimo. I’d been idly thinking for days “must think about a plot” and over the last 2 days since signing up I’ve been giving it more thought…..

So, I now have a structure, 3 main characters, and a very loose plot. I don’t know what genre I’m going to characterise my novel as, it’s not chick lit, but maybe “family” would cover it. I’m interested in people and their relationships.

I’m using the LJ nano_prompt entries to help me flesh out notes for my characters, and as I walk I’m killing off subsidary characters, and deciding what’s going to happen in my made up world. It’s quite exciting! I always thought that you needed a concrete idea and that it would just pop into your head (aka JK Rowling and Harry Potter on the train) but maybe it is possible to actively construct a plot and characters from a few vague beginnings… or maybe not, 30 days will tell!
Tags: writing

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