Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Blogging expectations versus reality

For months now I have been berating myself for my lack of blogging / photos on twitter. But the last couple of weeks I have been revisiting these perceptions and trying to reframe my expectations.

I have blogged every month since mgm arrived, even if only 3 or 4 times per month (ie March through August). It is no surprise that this coincided with going back to work. I have been tweeting a lot more, as a way of doing a mini update on my life most days.

My photos aren't up to date on flickr, but I am slowly getting there.

In the last months (ie since May) I have organised 3 big family events for Markus - his blessing in Zurich, his blessing in London and his birthday party. It is no wonder that I had less time for other things.

I know that blogging and flickering are important to me - I will take the time I need to do this and will know that these online activities make me feel good and happy. I enjoy reading my past blogs and enjoy writing about and reflecting on my life.

I have made changes to my work area (ie desk is now in my bedroom) and to my eating and drinking (ie no sitting on the sofa drinking wine most evenings) and this has helped me free up more time for writing.

In general, now that we have passed the one year mark, I feel that I am starting to regain a little bit more time for me :-)
Tags: lj, mgm, writing

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