Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

One day at a time, through snapshots

"By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of your life"
former Coca Cola CEO Brian Dyson, 1996

I saw this quote on a friend's blog and it helped me realise why I still take and post my snapshots. I had been wondering for some time whether these snapshots were just an added stress in my life, another thing to do on a very long to do list.

Even if I don't have a snapshot for each day, I certainly have 80% covered. These little shots of every day life remind me of the joy in each day and help me to life my life fully in each day. I focus - both on selecting the snapshot and in understanding what this says abour our lives at the moment. Plus, they build up to a mosaic of meaning over time. The most insignificant shot takes on it's own meaning or siginificance in the bigger whole.

So, here are my 2010 snapshots so far

Here is a small selection of my favourites - they seem to sum up the last 6 months or so ...

Top row, l to r:
I still have time to admire Zurich and the lake, we see a lot of our friends, particularly Jamie and Kerry, and Gabi and Andrea
middle row, l to r:
Markus made me a flower for mother's day, we spent time visiting family, I spent a lot of time making baby food!
bottom row, l to r:
I still like stripy!, I got time at the spa with a view, we went on our first family holiday
Tags: *to do, creative, happy, self_reflection

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