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Tweeting in the gaps - July

frantic last minute packing!! 4:09 AM Jul 30th via web

packing to go to London tomorrow - UK here we come :-) 7:22 PM Jul 29th via web

ha! just about to turn into a pumpkin, but at least i have figured out how to sync podcasts and photos onto my phone! 7:51 PM Jul 19th via web

a perfect monday - lunch with Aimee and Al at a lovely restaurant overlooking lake, then babysitting for Kerry and Jamie. Hurrah! 7:19 PM Jul 19th via web

off to cool down at baby swimming - hurrah! and got home early to clear the kitchen and prepare supper.... 2:13 PM Jul 15th via web

Training is going well - I will be a new manager on my return! Plus got 8 hours sleep last night - unheard of :-) 4:27 AM Jul 14th via txt

On a 2 day training course outside Zurich, bit scared and excited! I hate the waiting before the course starts :-( 4:45 AM Jul 13th via txt

The joys of working 80% - summer picnic lunch in the park :-) 9:38 AM Jul 12th via txt

sorted finances, paid bills, paid tax, synced devices, downloaded photos! Time for lunch, followed by some photo editing! 11:10 AM Jul 11th via web

so many things to do, such a beautiful day outside! 7:30 AM Jul 11th via web

Feeling overwhelmed and blue today. Tired & working out how to do as little as possible today :-( 4:58 AM Jul 7th via txt

enjoying a nice cup of tea in comfy hotel bed in dublin! 6:06 AM Jul 3rd via mobile web