Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - June 2010

I had forgotten how happy l feel when l walk to work - early summer sun & random tunes on my ipod!
5:14 AM Jun 29th via txt

amazed that my son can amuse himself for 30 minutes, by sitting on the floor and playing with a piece of paper! The boy's a genius :-)
6:09 AM Jun 28th via web

Markus is on the move - started crawling on Thursday evening (June 24th) after weeks of frustration! No stopping him now :-)
11:38 AM Jun 26th via web

finally home a after another long day at work, to sit on the sofa and watching darling boy bash bits of plastic together :-)
3:59 PM Jun 22nd via web

angel baby turned into devillish teething boy today - screamed unless I carried him around. Papa came home early to rescue us, M now happy!
2:04 PM Jun 21st via web

baby M has learnt to do a wonderful downward facing dog pose - still hasn't worked out how to add forward motion to it yet though!
6:03 AM Jun 21st via web

I am turning into my mother! Awake at 5am, up at 6, and a day's work done before both my boys are awake!! Now enjoying a nice cup of tea :-)
3:32 AM Jun 19th via web

slumped on the sofa with tv on, laptop on lap and glass of wine in hand!
4:44 PM Jun 17th via web

ïmpressed that on the way home from kinderkrippe today, my little lad fell asleep, oblivious to all the very (un)swiss football celebrations
6:31 PM Jun 16th via web

off to PWG to facilitate the evening on Careers and children...
1:51 PM Jun 15th via web

just said good bye to my mate Alison and the lovely little Sami - Markus happy to have this toys to himself again!
1:04 PM Jun 15th via web

successful work day - running 2 course simultaneously - cloning is a fantastic invention :-)
2:38 PM Jun 14th via web

Baby M now "chasing" his hairbrush round the play mat - he is so close to crawling, he just needs to work out to bend the other leg!
4:48 AM Jun 12th via web

Baby M and I strike a compromise - he plays alone on the floor of his room, Mummy can sit with him, drink coffee and pllay on her laptop!
4:40 AM Jun 12th via web

back from baby swimming and nicely weary!
5:08 PM Jun 10th via web

doing the coop online shop and trying to calm down adn chill out after a busy and very hot day at work.
4:46 PM Jun 9th via web

p.s. please stop the world, i want to get off and it's only tues!
2:52 PM Jun 8th via mobile web

just been to tax acct, now to pwg executive committee meeting!
2:50 PM Jun 8th via mobile web

9 month check up and big baby M is doing absolutely fine - is only on 3rd percentile for height and weight though :-(
12:05 PM Jun 8th via web

at home this afternoon playing with my boy, whilst trying to eat lunch, do some work and sort my life out!
8:34 AM Jun 8th via web

Got home from work very late to an silent flat - on doing my rounds, i find that both the big Man and the little MAN are fast asleep!
4:43 PM Jun 7th via web

just seen our photos from Markus' Buddhist blessing - beautiful! Thanks Fiona :-)
6:56 AM Jun 7th via web

am a mad whirlwind of activity this morning! Sent info to accountant, sent some emails, planning for the week. Now getting M up after nap!
6:31 AM Jun 7th via web

Just been to see SATC 2 - perfect escapist viewing for a Sunday evening. Fab :-)
4:51 PM Jun 6th via web

Baby M still asleep, so am using my time wisely - updating my to do lists and emailing friends!
7:16 AM Jun 6th via web

we got our first "wave" goodbye from baby m today - he has his palm up and beckons with his fingers, but it was definitely a wave!
12:52 PM Jun 5th via web
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