Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Little Lad M is on the move

Markus started crawling properly on Thursday 24th June, Alan's birthday :-)

For weeks he has been bending forward from sitting, doing 2 "steps" forward with his arms, before collapsing onto his belly and then pushing himself back upwards into a sitting position adn then starting all over again!

On Thursday evening hs was doing 3 to 4 proper crawls forward and this weekend he has been unstoppable. He is getting faster and is just SO happy to be on the move. He is finding new "toys" to play with - this afternoon he sat and played with a pair of Alan's shoes for about half ah hour - and is just thrilled to be able to move around. Today he even crawled over the "threshold" between the living room into the corridor. He is just expending so much energy!

The grizzles and grumpiness of the last week have gone - I knew it was linked to his frustration - he knew he was close to moving, but just couldn't quite figure it out. It feels as though we are definitely onto the next stage of his journey now!

Tags: happy, memories, mgm

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