Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - May 2010

Waiting @ airport for my lovely little Sister !
6:10 PM May 28th via txt

looking forward to my little sis arriving tonight and best mate arriving tomorrow!
2:09 PM May 28th via mobile web

surfing from the comfort of my sofa, after a beautiful sunny day, during which I plodded away at my desk and gazed out of the window!
4:16 PM May 25th via web

battling for control of the communal washing machine - someone just took all my washing out, even though I wasn't done :-( This means war!
6:24 AM May 24th via web

trying to catch up with the paperwork, even though the sun is shining and I want to be outside :-(
6:23 AM May 24th via web

Have stopped breastfeeding. Happy that I have my body back, slightly hormonal & sad that this period is over. But hey, 9 months is not bad!
6:13 PM May 23rd via web

having a great clear up - must be the effect of the summer sun :-)
6:11 PM May 23rd via web

having a great time in Dublin, except for slightly sicky baby (he's not bothered!) and possibly being stranded here due to icelandic ash !
5:20 PM May 16th via web

trying to pack for our first overseas trip in Dublin - how much kit does one little 9 month old baby need? :-)
3:51 PM May 14th via web

big news from Markus - first tooth is finally coming through and yesterday he learnt to clap his hands! He is now playing with my slippers!
4:45 AM May 14th via web

got a dr note for today - still off sick but need to get well. Hope I can fly on Sat, please send ear and sinus unblocking vibes this way!
4:42 AM May 14th via web

enjoying the peace at home - both men in my life asleep and in bed. Hurrah for public holidays! I am still sick :-/
5:20 AM May 13th via web

baby M is learning to push himself backwards over the wooden floor - hilarious!
1:59 PM May 11th via web

still struggling with being ill, this is not good :-(
7:15 AM May 11th via web

at home trying to do a bit of work work before the little chap wakes up - have to to into work this afternoon :-(
6:02 AM May 10th via web

sorting out the finances and paying bills - finally!
2:21 PM May 9th via web

thanks for all the birthday wishes. My cold is now sinusitis & a middle ear infection, my birthday weekend has been spent in bed suffering!
10:25 AM May 9th via web

struggling with a nasty cold and feeling pretty tired :-/
4:08 PM May 5th via web
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