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Resolution Update - April 2010

Resolution Update April
The novelty of being back at work has worn off and I need to learn how to manage myself, my energy, my needs, my work and my family to be able to survive in the long run. I feel really tired and my cold turned into sinusitis and an ear infection.

Write Daily
Writing daily has really slipped, even on twitter. I know that writing makes me feel more in control and relaxes me. I need to make this a priority for myself. Lots of photos and lj entries are pending.

Exercise Daily
I am walking to work, but this is the only exercise I am getting at the moment. However, I now have 3 new wii games, so I will try and do some exercise every day.

Maintain food diary
I have had 3 appointments now with the nutrionist and have lost nearly 3 kilos. I am in this for the long run, so am changing my eating habits little by little. And I am managing to keep a food diary - it really helps to see what I am eating down in black and white.

Room for improvement, but doing okay, given everything that is going on.