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Tweeting in the gaps - April 2010

beautiful sunny spring Tuesday and l am off for a Meeting at a trainirg venue down the lake - it's a tough life!
5:07 AM Apr 27th via mobile web

still faffing about with my new phone!
7:33 PM Apr 26th via mobile web

faffing about with my lovely new Samsung Omnia phone. I like new gadgets, but hate trying to get them set up to my satisfaction!
6:22 AM Apr 26th via web

spilling sticky calpol over baking hot sicky baby ;-(
8:01 PM Apr 25th via web

back online at home after an age - busy week at work, baby has had fever, we have all been keeping our heads down!
7:37 PM Apr 25th via web

blasted volcanic ash - all lights cancelled, which means no UK guests at our blessing on Sat, which means it's cancelled. I am gutted :-(
5:08 AM Apr 16th via web

love my hubbie - took today off to give me a break after an exhausting week! Baby M and I are so glad to have Papi home :-)
9:28 AM Apr 12th via web

Waiting for christening cake to finish baking - total time in oven, 5 hours, smell in flat, bloody gorgeous
5:55 PM Apr 7th via web

home alone with baby m for a week - hubbie off on retreat. Please send happy, quiet baby vibes
5:54 PM Apr 7th via web

trying to do five things at once - washing downstairs, prepare supper, clean kitchen, mix cake ingredients, type up baby feeding notes....
4:04 PM Apr 1st via web

wishing you all a happy Easter and a restful long weekend!
9:43 AM Apr 1st via LinkedIn

having a bit of a weight and clothing and tirednes induced meltdown over breakfast and now my mascara has run :-( TG for long weekend!
4:06 AM Apr 1st via web