Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolution Update - Mar 2010

Resolution Update March
I survived March and my first month back at work, but it did mean that everything else took second place. I needed all my energy just to get up, go to work and come home, then do it all again. I

Write Daily
Haven't posted much on livejournal, but have managed to keep up my tweets. Will work on getting my photos up to date this month.

Exercise Daily
Wore the fitbug and went to aquafit twice. I need to work out how to gradually build more exercise into my week.

Maintain food diary
Haven't been logging food, or my weight gain or loss. I have an appointment with a nutritionist next Monday, so am hoping to get some help on this. However, I am still breastfeeding, so can't really start trying to lose weight yet.

Doing fine, taking baby steps and am learning to celebrate the successes and not just look at what I haven't achieved.
Tags: resolutions

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