Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps.- March 2010

trying to plan ceremony for Markus - invites, order of service, hotel bookings, cake making :-)
4:50 PM Mar 31st via web

my brain hurts! i have a cake recipe but a much bigger tin - Weights, volumes, density ... glad i have mathemetician Alan!
6:49 PM Mar 29th via web

So glad the clocks have good back, makes such a difference to wall back in the light and sunshine!
2:32 PM Mar 29th via txt

filling out our tax declaration - such a stress!
4:35 PM Mar 28th via web

Something started today, which makes me realize my fourth trimester is officially over :-)
4:22 AM Mar 26th via web

Back from baby swimming, supper eaten, now sitting on the sofa, chilling :-)
5:57 PM Mar 25th via web

finally finished writing an editorial for an internal company newsletter
6:22 PM Mar 24th via web

Beautiful spring day and i have just done the nursery drop off! 1 hour and 20 mins after getting up, we left the flat :-) result!
4:42 AM Mar 24th via txt

writing an editorial and international women's day, linking it to our corporate diversity and inclusion objectives
5:03 PM Mar 23rd via web

baby is sleeping again - amazing! Am trying to blast through my most urgent web, email and admin tasks :-)
10:48 AM Mar 22nd via web

have just sneaked a quick bath whilst baby sleeps - hurrah, clean, fresh, scrubbed and shiny mami!
6:54 AM Mar 22nd via web

Team Markus is mobilised and on the move - the mobility hire car is packed and we are off to Unteriberg for the weekend to see our friends!
8:03 AM Mar 20th via web

Its a beautiful sunny spring today and i am meeting a friend for lunch - a perfect friday!
7:59 AM Mar 19th via txt

is enjoying reading the bitchy posts on an expats mailing list!
4:26 AM Mar 19th via web

contemplating getting to work after a bad night's sleep for all the family!
2:55 AM Mar 16th via web

have a cold, feeling low, but analysing some survey results for an AGM tomorrow night
5:38 AM Mar 15th via web

having a very late breakfast after mr. ncot let me sleep in :-)
7:22 AM Mar 14th via web

Sat morning home with Markus and only now eating breakfast, with old macdonald for accompaniament!
6:11 AM Mar 13th via web

loving the fact that's Friday evening, survived my 2nd week at work and mr.ncot has just cooked supper!! :-)
4:08 PM Mar 12th via web

happy international women's day to you all!
4:27 PM Mar 8th via web

A beautiful monday morning here in zurich to start my next working week!
6:15 AM Mar 8th via txt

watching dancing on ice whilst i blog! Perfect Sunday evening .-)
6:30 PM Mar 7th via web

Watch baby ncot laugh at off screen mr.ncot! http://www.flickr.com/photos/nice_cup_of_tea/4414195657/
6:00 PM Mar 7th via web

baby asleep, bills paid, email inbox cleared, now out for coffee with friend!
10:32 AM Mar 7th via web

paying the bills and trying to catch up with the paperwork :-)
9:30 AM Mar 7th via web

Snowing again in zurich!
5:37 AM Mar 6th via txt

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4:06 PM Mar 5th via DISQUS

Nicely refreshed from aquafit- good start to the weekend:-)
3:40 PM Mar 5th via txt

Things that make me happy - the screensaver of smiley markus on my handy. Makes me smile each time i see it!
3:38 PM Mar 5th via txt

a darling friend has just sent me one of the nicest surprises ever and caused me to cry into my breakfast cereal - more details later!
4:15 AM Mar 5th via web

Never been so glad to get to Friday - weekend is nearly here and first week of work is nearly over!
4:00 AM Mar 5th via web

Hurrah! I now have an empty inbox :-)
1:03 PM Mar 4th via txt

Feeling much better at work today and still trying to find the optimal desk setup!
6:01 AM Mar 4th via txt

sign here to save http://www.love6music.com/
5:06 PM Mar 3rd via web

Email inbox now at 234 emails and i am having a slightly better day!
8:35 AM Mar 3rd via txt

Am beyond tired this evening after first day back at work - have this sinking feeling that I have made a terrible mistake in going back :-(
4:47 PM Mar 2nd via web

Back at work and it has taken me 3 hours to get desk and laptop setup! Plus i have 521 emails waiting!
6:50 AM Mar 2nd via txt

Am feeling very loved! Lots of text messages from friends sending support re first day back at work!
6:49 AM Mar 2nd via txt

just had bath, now packing bag for "school" tomorrow and then going to bed!
4:51 PM Mar 1st via web

come down with some vomiting bug - day before going back to work - perfect :-(
8:54 AM Mar 1st via web
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