Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My maternity leave is definitely over :-)

I realised this when mr. ncot and i finished watching the last episode of Frasier on Friday night :-)

6 months leave
11 series of Frasier
= lots of laughs and quality late night watching
Frasier and family have been a constant companion over the last months! I had a few tears in my eye as we got to the end - I know, I'm a real softie...

I think what makes the series so special was the play like quality of the episodes (a restricted number of characters, only a few venue), the clever farce like quality of the episodes, and the depth of the relationship in the family, father -son, brother-brother, and extended family. Oh, and of course the best character of all - Eddie the dog!

Tags: films, mr.ncot, odds and sods

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