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Thank Goodness it's Friday!

It is a good feeling to get to the end of my first week back at work! Each day has got a little easier and I have got less tired. Major accomplishments include actually having got to work each day (I was tempted to stay in bed on Weds and pull the covers over my head and forget the crazy idea about working again!), clearing the 550 emails in my inbox reconnecting with colleagues and learning about their current projects, plus preparing for a meeting on Monday regarding my next big project.

Downs? Realising that even though I don't work Mondays, I already have 3 meetings booked in which can't be moved, so have had to talk nicely to mr.ncot so that we can swap days off.

On reflection, it feels good to be back, to be using my brain and ticking my way through my todo list. Even though I have a beautiful photo of the three of us on my desk, I hardly think about my gorgeous little lad (and big lad) during the day, but get very excited when it's home time.

And now? Time to go home :-)



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Mar. 7th, 2010 05:05 am (UTC)
Hey Lady! I've been rather incommunicado lately, but popped on tonight to post my year-in-review. Saw this post. Congrats on going back! It is such a huge step. I've been back almost 9 months now, and those first two weeks were the hardest. Not that there aren't still days I wish I wasn't working, but most of the time I think it is a good thing. Helps keep me sane.

You are right on with your assessment: using your brain in a different way is a big part of it for me, too. Chad and I both work full time, so we don't get quite the same chance to swap days off, which sounds like a great setup.

What is the little guy up to these days? Will need to go read your posts, but my little one is crawling all over and pulling up. I'm betting she'll be to walking around one year old (in a month - Yikes!). We're working on trying to get her on more finger foods and drinking from a sippy cup. She drinks fine from one with a spout, but it doesn't have a valve, and I'm really hoping she can get the hang of one with a valve so when she drops it on the floor or swings it around, there isn't juice everywhere.

Oh, and still nursing. Yay me!
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