Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolution Update - Feb 2010

Resolution Update February
February has been a really busy month, full of nursery settling in for markus and transition for me in getting ready to go back to work

Write Daily
Have done well this month, with twitters, getting lj blog up to date, photos up to date on flickr and some writing in moleskin. I feel so much better when my virtual life is up to date - I like writing, getting feedback and feeling as though I am sorting out my brain.

Exercise Daily
Have lots the plot here slightly. I have certainly been walking more, taking M to nursery, but haven't had time for the Wii. Must figure out how to work exercise into my new work routine. Will wear my pedometer this month and will also continue with aqua fit and may also start yoga once a week and starting to run again.

Maintain food diary
Haven't lost much weight this month. Will log food for March in fitbug.

I am doing okay, had a tough month getting myself and Markus settled into a new routine, and am looking forward to our new life once I go back to work!
Tags: resolutions
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