Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Reviewing my maternity leave resolutions

Way back when, in August before Markus was born, I made some maternity leave resolutions!
* Take all the time in the world to get to know my baby!
* Get some fresh air and exercise each day (eventually mummy and baby yoga!)
* Take some time for self each day - writing or reading - by letting Alan take over
* Connect with my social network each week - whether baby and mummy friends, or others!

So, how did I do? And what happened during my maternity leave?

* I have enjoyed ever minute of feeding, nappy changing, cuddling, dressing, playing with Markus, even when sleep has been limited.
* Not sure I got as much exercise each day as I could have done, but did walk a lot with the pram, plus did do the Mother / Baby yoga for 8 weeks, plus baby swimming and aqua fit for me
* Alan and I are a good team, and I did get some time for me each day, however short. My photos are up to date and blogs are nearly up to date. I have posted more than I thought possible. Writing is my sanity saver :-)
* Lots of socialising, lots of new friends

Guests to stay
My sister Kate x2
My parents x2
My brother Chris
Sal, Amit, Ish x2
Irene, Emma, Claire
Alan's parents

Visitors at home
Work colleagues - Lucas, Pierre, Alexis

Trips out
Lots of coffees and lunches with Andrea and Gabriela, Karen, Jill, Kerry and Jamie, Susan and Tessa
Many coffees and lunches with other friends ie Katie, Leslie, Lynette, Joelle
Trip to Luzern
Trip to the mountains with Karen
Went into work 3 times with Markus
Lunch with Geri
Coffee x 2 with Eric
Visited Al and Aimee in Unteriberg
Visited Yvonne and family in Einsiedeln
Tags: mgm, resolutions

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