Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The Pen Principles

It all started with my friend's business apero in a pen atelier called Prodir. We were invited to create a pen to "write our own story." I networked whilst I dithered. Which style pen? Which colour combination? So many choices. But eventually I had my pen. A classy one click biro, semi-translucent purple with a silver tip. The atelier offered us a free engraving for our pen, but I put the voucher to one side - it was just one decision too many!

Then I read Gretchen Rubin's long awaited book "The Happiness Project". She says that everyone can have a happiness project and she talks about creating your own personal commandments.

1+1 = I started thinking about my happiness project - combining my love for stationery /pens with creating my own personal commandments. I would create seven pens in different colours, engraved with different statements. And I would plans and buy one pen a week as a visible incentive for the first tough weeks back at work. Using these pens will also inspire me and remind me to live by my commandments.

So I have great joy in starting my happiness project called "the Pen Principles". The first pen will be introduced shortly.
Tags: happy, writing

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