Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

January and February 2010

We had less visits in January and February, but still managed to do some socialising:-)

first row
- Coffee time at Starbucks
- First cable car trip at Flumseberg
- lunch up the mountain with Karen
- sleeping like a baby

second row
- Modelling his stylish south american dungarees
- Playtime with Jamie
- First visit to nursery with Alan
- the tshirt says it all - everybody hugs me

third row
- swim time
- Travelling by train to Lucerne
- Breakfast time in Lucerne hotle, with Alan
- Big blue eyed boy

fourth row
- Big boy's buggy!
- Playtime with Gabriela
- Finding his feet in his stripy babygrow
- Admiring his first spoon

Tags: family, mgm

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