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Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps

Tweets for January 2010

Just taken my boss to lunch and had a really good chat about work! Maybe i am looking to returning.
9:44 AM Jan 29th from txt

Multitasking! Making soup whilst dancing to my ipod to amuse baby m :-)
6:54 AM Jan 28th from txt

squeezing in my Davina post natal exercise workout whilst Markus sleeps :-) send sleepy vibes for the next 45 minutes!
8:07 AM Jan 26th from web

life is good - empty inbox and gurgling baby!
2:31 PM Jan 25th from web

warning! baby m is now mobile and on the move - he just wriggled upwards off the sheepskin!
11:55 AM Jan 25th from web

having a chilled Monday at home with the boy - so much admin and paperwork to catch up on, but making him laugh is much more worthwhile :-)
8:05 AM Jan 25th from web

Just been to aquafit and an now feeling toned and fresh!
3:30 PM Jan 22nd from txt

We found out today that the nursery settling in process starts for markus on feb 1 - gulp! :-x
3:28 PM Jan 22nd from txt

ove the fact that when in need, i text my friends and support and love comes flooding in!
3:26 PM Jan 22nd from txt

Enjoying a walk in the mountains with baby and friend!
7:36 AM Jan 20th from txt

doing some translation work for a colleague, baby m still asleep :-)
7:47 AM Jan 18th from web

back from two meetings with work colleagues in Starbucks and shopping - def. time for a late lunch!
11:28 AM Jan 15th from web

making the shopping list and planning our eating for the week!
7:35 PM Jan 14th from web

just been baby swimming - baby m took to it like a duck to water and is now sleeping like a baby :-) (hurrah for cliches which come true!)
4:13 PM Jan 14th from web

am trying to amuse baby, email, have lunch and cook soup!
10:34 AM Jan 13th from web

still snowing and my mummy patience is wearing thing today :-(
8:03 AM Jan 13th from web

i love the fact that in Mummy-land, I can still in my jimjams at midday!
8:01 AM Jan 12th from web

Markus is whinging in the background - i swear he can hear Mummy tip-tapping on the keyboard and then decides to start up :-)
7:18 AM Jan 12th from web

baby ncot has just worked out the "pull the cord to play Old macdonald had a farm" function on his chair :-) And I am singing along!!
5:08 AM Jan 12th from web

rant of the day - took my 3year old Olympus camera into shop for repair and was told I should buy a new one - not worth getting it fixed!
12:29 PM Jan 11th from web

back from a shopping trip in town - home just in time, it's now snowing again!
12:28 PM Jan 11th from web

baby m refused to have nap this morning, so both ncot and baby ncot are somewhat cranky!
8:39 AM Jan 11th from web

just done taking down christmas tree (yes, I know I'm late!) and cleaning the front room - supper is next on the list!!
3:08 PM Jan 10th from web

just done 40 mins on my new wii active with balance board - i am addicted to the obstacle course .-)
5:21 PM Jan 9th from web

just finished clearing, cleaning, restocking the fridge, post Christmas!
10:47 PM Jan 8th from web

trying to do an online shop with Coop at home - but it is VERY slow :-( It would be quicker to wheel my trolley round a "real" store!
8:30 PM Jan 6th from web

just eaten the final chocolate orange (was given 3 for christmas!!). Hope Baby M enjoys choc orange flavoured milk later on!!
11:00 AM Jan 6th from web

baby m now weighs 6.52 kg and is 64 cm
1:19 PM Jan 5th from web

hurrah! Finished reconciling money and paying bills!
9:39 AM Jan 5th from web

it's snowing again - hurrah!
8:33 AM Jan 5th from web

just eaten the last slice of christmas cake :-( Very yummy and was made and iced by the lovely mummy ncot!
7:09 PM Jan 4th from web

Off to lunch at wagamamas with the boy and a work friend. Beautiful cold sunny day :-)
7:44 AM Jan 4th from txt

logging onto fitbug again to chase my goal of losing 3 stone in weight by the end of 2010!
3:57 PM Jan 3rd from web

Home alone again, desperately trying to catch up with my huge to do list, but also trying to relax :-)
12:19 PM Jan 3rd from web

trying to formulate my 2010 resolutions, goals and personal commandments!
3:15 PM Jan 2nd from web

enjoying some rare quality time home alone - sat on sofa, blogging, with a nice glass of wine and listening to my new cd "umbrellowhead"
1:20 PM Jan 2nd from web

Drinking a nice cup of tea
3:12 PM Jan 1st from web
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