Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Flirting in Starbucks...

Not me of course, but my charming boy, Markus Gerry.

It was a few weeks ago and we met my friend Jill for a New Year's coffee. Jill and I (as usual) were gossiping away, oblivious to the other cafe dwellers and Markus was having a cuddle, looking over my right shoulder.

I became aware that he was very quiet and looked over at him, to find him making flirty, cute, "look at my deep blue eyes and long eyelashes" faces at the table behind us. The swiss family of three (inc. teenager boy) were all making gooey cute baby faces right back at him and were rather shamefaced when I caught them doing it! But it certainly gave this proud Mami a laugh :-)

Here's a recent photo of hisnibs, since I've not been blogging recently...
Tags: happy, mgm

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