Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2009 Resolutions Reviewed

The biggest goal achieved was obviously having Markus and beginning life as a family!
I also managed to go the dentist, didn’t start the research paper, but did make contact again with a possible PHD supervisor.

In terms of resolutions, I didn’t ever manage to get to pregnancy yoga, but did do a water course instead. I didn’t track my steps or calories consistently on fitbug, this was just too much. I did however reconnect with lots of friends and strengthened my network of friends and supporters!

2009 Resolutions (which will lead to goals below)
Maintain food diary on fitbug
Achieve my fitbug steps per day (using www.fitbug.com)
Practice yoga once a week
Care for my relationships - reach out to two friends a month

2009 Goals
Have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy the journey
Enjoy my life and find the right balance
Write the Research paper on the Samaritans
Go to the dentist!
Tags: memories, resolutions

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