Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

First Agency Interview

I had my first 'interview' with an agency in Zurich today, luckily in english (to break me in gently!) I think it went as well as expected, even though I felt a bit down and uncertain at the end of it. I emphasized my skills and strengths and tried to account for my career narrative so far. On the positive side, the agent said that he'd by happy to introduce me to ay of their international companies, so therefore I must be of the right calibre, and he seemed happy to search for stuff for me and to take me on, so to speak. But on the down side he reckoned that I'd be quite hard to place, that I might have to stick with IT Training (and not move to coaching / management training) ... that it would be a challenge to find me something and that it wouldn't happen particuarly quickly. He also suggested contract work, and /or falling back on my call centre / helpdesk experience, which I'm not too sure about.

I knew the agent wasn't going to say "Great, we can place you immediately, I have the perfect job for you!" and I do realised that this job hunt is going to take a while. But all the same, I did feel pretty downhearted. They also said that it's easier to move job once you've got your foot in the door of a company, and that swiss companies can be quite rigid on their acceptance of people and qualifications. I guess all I can do is to keep plugging away, taking the next steps, and talking to and making as many contacts as possible. I didn't think I was particuarly nervous, but at one point looked down and realised that I was fiddling with the business card, I guess my tension was showing in my fidgeting!
Tags: career

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