Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The Van and the Sofa (Part 2)

I was pretty worried about driving here, what with being on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, not knowing how to navigate out of Wiedikon, across Zurich and towards Kilchberg, and lastly not being how sure how big the van was! The van was actually amazingly easy to drive and manoveure, and I managed to do some nifty three point turns and reversing into tight spots :-) It was great to have such an elavated view of the road.

Alan is a brilliant navigator. We have a deal (since he can’t drive) – he navigates and gives me all the directins, including which lane to be in. I don’t care if we get it wrong, as long as he makes the decisions! The sofa fitted into the van, we drove back, got a bit lost in the centre of Zurich, did a few laps of Bellevue and Bahnhofstrasse, but finally found our way home! Unloaded sofa and returned van, all within 2 hours. Our office now has a lovely sofa bed, new cushions and it now doubles as the “guest room”. As a bonus, our mate also donated his plant (no idea what it is :-) I’ve watered and pruned it, so our flat also now has greenery :-)

I was so worried about the whole plan, but I needn’t have been. I’m an advanced driver, and I should learn to trust my skills and believe in Alan’s confidence in me!
Tags: odds and sods, zürich

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