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Tweeting in the gaps

January to July 2009

3:43 PM Jul 31st am enjoying my day off from work - lunch with friend, shopping and mooching in ZH, drinks with another friend, then sofa time with hubbie!
3:24 PM Jul 31st close to solving a particularly tiresome charging report problem!
7:53 AM Jul 28th enjoying my first day of working 50% - managed to sleep until about 9am - and the worst of the pain is gone :-)
8:09 AM Jul 27th trying to breathe through the discomfort! is baby turning? It feels like it... and I have period type pain....
8:33 PM Jul 26th suffering insomnia - I am so fed up it isn't true. Tired, achey, heartburn, mind full of a gazillion things....
10:32 PM Jul 25th up early (for me on a Sat) to wait for a phone call from Sydney! Trying to get rid of my cold!
6:22 AM Jul 25th just home from work, thank goodness it's Friday! Will be taking myself off to bed soon :-)
1:24 PM Jul 24th back home early, will be spending the afternoon sleeping off my "crash" yesterday!
8:55 AM Jul 23rd recovering from falling a** over t** whilst getting out of the tram - am so clumsy - brusied knees, hands, and pride :-(
7:13 PM Jul 22nd sweltering in the heat and considering calling it a day and going home...
12:17 PM Jul 21st am happy after having a reasonable night's sleep (1 am til 7) and no trips to the loo! feeling almost perky :-)
4:42 AM Jul 21st trying to hard to get enough oxygen into my squashed lungs - will a bath help, I wonder?
6:59 PM Jul 19th just had a marathon brunch at imagine with some new friends - 10.30 til 14.00 have to be a record, surely!
10:40 AM Jul 19th am happy because she finally sorted my ipod / photo sync problem :-)
2:34 PM Jul 18th am knackered after a few hours shopping in town and I am shocked to find how slowly I am now walking!
11:41 AM Jul 18th still awake - this is a new record - 0430 in the wee early hours :-( but at least http://www.helenpalmer.co.uk is up to date!
12:33 AM Jul 18th waiting for baby to turn - bump is very active today - head down please!
1:23 PM Jul 16th Big Mama (aka nice_cup_of_tea) is sweltering and wilting in this heat!
6:48 PM Jul 15th about to jump in a lavendar bath, in the hope of soothing myself ready for a good night's sleep. Last night I was still awake at 4am...
6:33 PM Jul 13th have finally got my photos up to date on flickr and feels much better for it! http://snipurl.com/n3dxp
7:06 PM Jul 12th am a bit restless, a bit bleurgh, a bit worrirf about all the things we haven't done or bought yet...
9:05 AM Jul 12th Finally awake after a reasonable night's sleep!
6:58 AM Jul 12th have just woken up, but want to eat something then go straight back to sleep again!
8:31 AM Jul 9th am finally learning to look after myself and bump. I am not going to work, but am going to sleep and rest today :-)
5:02 AM Jul 9th am wondering where the time went, only 48 days now until my due date :-)
7:41 PM Jul 8th am back from work, am knackered, so am going to bed for a bit....
1:56 PM Jul 8th have just finished doing the finances and paying the bills :-)
8:00 PM Jul 7th have just finished deep cleaning the fridge and should now jump in the bath!
6:46 PM Jul 6th waiting for the midwife to arrive, ready for our first prenatal visit! The list of questions is getting longer...
2:33 PM Jul 6th hoping for thunder and the weather to break in Zurich - me and bump are just too hot and bothered!
4:12 PM Jul 5th Now i know why it's called carrying a baby - hard work in this heat and heavy :-)
1:10 PM Jul 3rd am resting after an acupuncture session and feeling very chilled and relaxed, even given the heat!
3:15 PM Jul 2nd am back from Drs and am now working from home, but will catch some sleep later, since last night was spent wide eyed and awake :-(
10:40 AM Jul 1st Spending the morning at the dr having a glucose stress test - nice!
4:46 AM Jul 1st am hot, heavily pregnant and very botmyed :-(

6:18 PM Jun 30th back from walking in the sunshine at the lake! I love Zurich, particularly in the summer :-)
3:25 PM Jun 28th am waking up after a good night's sleep - for the first time in months! Maybe it was turning the mattress and the clean bedding - who knows?
6:23 AM Jun 28th Feeling overwhelmed by baby stuff, decisions, responsibilties - so am going back to bed for a bit :-)
11:53 AM Jun 27th up early, cos I slept so badly. But kitchen is now clean, recycling done, shopping list written and first lot of washing is on!
5:07 AM Jun 27th am up bright and early to get birthday breakfast ready for lovely hubbie!
3:05 AM Jun 24th am instead now cooking supper - how did that happen?
4:18 PM Jun 23rd am deciding whether to wallow in a bath with the bump or take a nice cup of tea and go to bed.... I am knackered!
2:56 PM Jun 23rd am finally leaving work and achieved my goal of clearing my post holiday inbox!
1:10 PM Jun 18th am battling with my emails - now just have 28 to deal with :-)
9:00 AM Jun 18th finally home after a very good PWG evening - great speaker, lots of networking and time to catch up with friends!
6:41 PM Jun 16th am enjoying the Zurich rainstorm, but still feeling rather large and hot!
6:53 PM Jun 15th have finally finished importing and organaming all my bookmarks in delicious - 65 tags, 3 tag clusters and 654 bookmarks!
6:54 PM Jun 14th sitting in bed, with laptop, nice cup of tea, heating thing on back and taking it easy (whilst I still can)!
8:08 AM Jun 14th am back home again and now checking emails, voice mails, ansaphone messages etc :-(
2:06 PM Jun 13th am clearing the flat, doing the washing, getting rid of books & clothes at charity shops and generally trying to get ready for my holiday!
4:33 PM Jun 3rd am just booking a week's holiday in Malta - finally! We leave on Friday for a week :-)
6:57 PM Jun 2nd am awake - damn the backache, heartburn and insomnia!
9:04 PM Jun 1st am applying for nursery places for my yet unborn child, starting 1 march 2010 - how mad is that!!
3:49 PM Jun 1st am still browsing websites for that baby retail buzz and should really get on with what she should be doing!
8:38 AM Jun 1st m off for another little lie down!

2:47 PM May 31st On the way to Waldshut to buy some furniture! Deutschland here we come :-) piggy bank will be raided!
5:36 AM May 30th am still awake with backache, heartburn and insomnia!
9:56 PM May 29th am back home after a 2 hour stay at the Dr for a glucose stress test - nice! Now going back to bed...
7:52 AM May 29th am admiring the rapid change in weather - from hot and sunny, to grey sky, to yellow sky, to thunder and lightning and now hail!!
11:25 AM May 26th celebrating that I know have my permanent C Vama for Switzerland! Hurrah, I am permanent and official again!
3:40 PM May 25th am rearranging the bedroom and sorting out the wardrobe - we are having such a BIG clear out, it's untrue :-)
5:03 PM May 24th off to Panorama Spa for the day! http://www.panoramaresort.ch/
4:02 AM May 23rd waiting for best mate Sal to arrive - hurrah!
5:28 PM May 22nd am working on some PWG strategy - www.professionalwomensgroup.com
12:36 PM May 21st enjoying my day off - slobbing round the flat in my jimjams
6:16 AM May 21st and I am also supposed to be sorting out our money (squints at balance nervously...)
3:29 PM May 18th am back home and am trying to clear the disaster area that am my desk!
3:16 PM May 18th am just leaving for Dublin - hurrah!
3:28 AM May 15th have finished unpacking from my london trip and have repacked for dublin, leaving early tomorrow morning! Sleep tight all :-)
7:16 PM May 14th am celebrating my birthday, but may delay it until tomorrow!
5:07 PM May 7th enjoying some sister bonding - she keeps bringing me nice cups of tea in bed and I am playing with her new mac laptop - am in love with it!
8:16 AM May 2nd am starting the day with a Lush bath :-)

2:41 AM Apr 27th am about to go to einsiedlen to hang out with eddie and Al :-) Oh, and talk baby talk with Al whilst the boys go and drink whamky!
1:37 PM Apr 25th am deciding what I absolutely have to get down today!
5:17 AM Apr 25th am sitting in bed, updating the pwg website and enjoying the feeling of baby-moran-to-be bubbling away inside!
4:15 PM Apr 23rd am clearing my desk and panicking slightly about my future - baby, finances and all. But hey, the sun is shining! :-)
10:43 AM Apr 19th am back from Poland, have been to Basel to get some preg. photos down and am now off to Annecy, France for the weekend!
10:24 AM Apr 11th am scoffing a Terry's Chocolate Orange - It's not Terry's, it's mine!!!

4:47 PM Mar 30th have just got home and have realised that my work jacket am still on my chair at work - back to work I go :-(
2:47 PM Mar 30th am happy that I have finally finished 2 important PWG tasks - final changes to the March Networker, plus the AGM minutes! Go me :-)
9:53 AM Mar 29th am rejoicing that my gmail inbox is EMPTY for the first time in weeks! AND, I only have one major task left to do! I am winning :-)
8:53 AM Mar 29th am stting in bed with laptop and a nice cup of tea, updating my virtual life!
8:32 AM Mar 29th am having a busy Saturday - recycling, washing, post office, dry cleaners, shopping in town and now sorting out my desk!
3:22 PM Mar 28th repeat after me "I love my job, I love my job", even though the "Kleinigkeiten" (ie little details) sometimes drive me to damtraction!
5:06 PM Mar 23rd Sitting in the sun waiting for the boat to lucerne, after a brisk hour walk from vitznau to weggen.
12:56 PM Mar 22nd Sitting in the mountain sun after visiting the buddhist zendo at felsentor :-)
11:36 AM Mar 22nd Climbing mount rigi on the mountain railway,
9:29 AM Mar 22nd On the ferry from lucerne to vitznau in the hesitant spring sunshine for a day in the mountains!
8:06 AM Mar 22nd booking flights to the UK for April!
11:21 AM Mar 21st Happy that I am now officially a Senior Specialamt Learning and Development at the bank!
12:08 PM Mar 20th How do you deal with stress? I generally escape to the toilets and cry - it's a trying day today :-(
7:15 AM Mar 20th am booking flights to Poland for April - mr.ncot gets to come and visit me when I am working there!
5:18 AM Mar 17th I have a new pair of (say it quietly, "size 46 maternity jeans from H&M"") which fit - the comfort, the joy! My stomach can expand :-)
2:36 PM Mar 16th am clearing my desk, doing the paperwork, writing a to-do-list, clearing my gmail to zero and trying to ignore the incoming cold!
9:14 AM Mar 15th have earache, headache and a sore throat and am feeling very sorry for myself
5:34 AM Mar 14th have survived the dentist, have a shiny, new ceramic filling, but am now seriously out of pocket!
4:45 PM Mar 12th am waiting for mr.ncot to serve up supper, god bless him!
3:47 PM Mar 5th am going to bed for a bit of a snooze and lie down!
3:47 PM Mar 1st have finished the ironing and redone my nails, but am still in my jimjams!
1:05 PM Mar 1st am delighted to make it public that we are 14 weeks pregnant!

6:01 PM Feb 25th am off to the cinema to see "Slumdog Millionaire" - hurrah!
1:15 PM Feb 22nd have now cleared my inbox, desk and am up to date with blogs, photos and the pwg website! My virtual life am back on track.
12:39 PM Feb 22nd have cleared my inbox!
10:36 AM Feb 22nd have just had a bit yummy brunch and compared calendars with mr.ncot in Imagine (http://www.imagine-zh.ch)
7:10 AM Feb 22nd am watching the snow fall again!
4:56 AM Feb 22nd survived the dentist yesterday, but have to go back in 2 weeks time for a very expensive appointment to refill and rebuild tooth :-(
7:42 AM Feb 21st have broken a tooth and have to visit the dentist tomorrow :-(
4:38 PM Feb 19th am now feeling more human again!
1:36 PM Feb 15th have finished my PWG tasks for the time being and am now off for a long soak in the bath! 1
11:51 AM Feb 15th back in bed with headache, backache and a stack of glossy magazines (thanks to arrival of sister - for the magazines not the aches!)
9:25 AM Feb 15th am watching the snow fall and looking forward to my samter arriving!
5:21 AM Feb 14th being annoyed by my husband!
3:42 PM Feb 11th working from home this afternoon!
10:21 AM Feb 11th have been suffering another headache- must be the weather!
2:03 PM Feb 9th have been talking on the phone with sister, brother and best mate, (although not simultaneously) and I feel very loved!
6:04 PM Feb 8th am updating the pwg website - www.professionalwomensgroup...
8:50 AM Feb 8th am drinking rooibush tea
6:20 AM Feb 8th have had a long phone gossip with my lovely irish sister-in-law!
4:45 PM Feb 7th am downloading my favourites from the Ted website - www.ted.com
11:31 AM Feb 7th am drinking hot chocolate!
9:47 AM Feb 7th have done my Sat morning errands and am now back in bed (+ laptop, ipod & books) warm & safe for the day. And mr.ncot is making lunch!
8:56 AM Feb 7th am designing my next batch of cross-stitch baby bunnies!
5:52 AM Feb 7th am battling a headache and considering taking some painkillers
3:42 PM Feb 5th have just had a sex change! on fitbug.co.uk - for some reason I was registered as a mr. but membership have now changed me back to female :-)
12:41 PM Feb 4th have finally solved my pda / laptop syncing problem!
11:27 AM Feb 3rd am back home after doing half a day - I like this 50% lark :-)
10:01 AM Feb 2nd have finally solved my outlook personal folders problem!
7:43 AM Feb 1st am delighted that i finally have wireless internet back up and running again - thanks to the lovely mr.ncot!
7:20 AM Feb 1st have been logging my books read for January - 17! Go me :-)

4:55 PM Jan 31st am returning to health after a bad week
3:15 PM Jan 31st eating peanut butter and jam on toast! yummy yummy :-)
2:56 PM Jan 13th am chatting with a bestest mate who is travelling in Ecuador via gmail chat, but I should really be in bed!
8:00 PM Jan 10th Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world. T'ien Yiheng - eighteenth century Chinese Sage
12:37 PM Jan 7th am updating the pwg website www.professionalwomensgroup.com
3:40 PM Jan 5th have finally cleared my inbox after 2.5 weeks away - we have now achieved inbox zero!
07:40 AM Jan 5th am getting ready to go back to work tomorrow :-(
12:58 PM Jan 4th reading an inspirational book, "creating a world without poverty" by muhammad yunus.
8:17 AM Jan 3rd on the train to Geneva for the weekend, all arranged by mr.ncot!
7:37 AM Jan 3rd am trying to track down long lost friends on the internet :-)
3:44 PM Jan 2nd am decluttering my writing desk!
1:43 PM Jan 2nd am doing about 4 loads of washing - does the fun never stop?
10:46 AM Jan 2nd am writing my New Year's resolutions - http://tinyurl.com/7n7fqz