Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps

10:33 PM Aug 31st - have updated my website with the news for August! www.helenpalmer.co.uk
10:16 PM Aug 31st - have just finished updating flickr with my first photos of Markus! http://bit.ly/uIHRq
9:23 PM Aug 31st - am typing with one hand, left-handed and stroking baby on my lap with my right hand!
7:51 PM Aug 31st - am still admiring my photos of Markus - they make me cry with joy each time :-) http://www.clairepearsonphotography.com
12:11 PM Aug 31st - am amazed that m. is still sleeping and am enjoying having Alan at home during the day for the last time - he goes back to work tomorrow :-(
8:53 AM Aug 31st - am eating raspberries and cream and copying cds for my little samter!
6:22 PM Aug 28th - am feeling chilled, baby m is sleeping, sister Kate is doing my washing and I am catching up online :-)
2:02 PM Aug 27th - catching a sneaky half hour on the internet whilst my lovely samter looks after and cuddles the boy Markus!
1:00 PM Aug 26th - am sneaking a half hour on the laptop to update blogs and stuff, mr.ncot and baby ncot both sleeping peacefully!
12:44 PM Aug 23rd - am back home and am settlng into a family routine with mr.ncot and baby ncot - Markus eating like a trooper and am a lovely little chap :-)
3:01 PM Aug 22nd - am happy and hormonal mum of markus gerry moran, born 14 aug at 1328, weighing in at 4.03kg!
4:51 AM Aug 16th - final check of email and blog before jumping into shower and then going to hospital :-) is it too late to change my mind now? V. excited!
4:41 AM Aug 14th - am writing my final blog entry, before going to bed for my last baby-free sleep, ever!
5:50 PM Aug 13th - off to hospital for final check before tomorrow!
10:23 AM Aug 13th - hospital bags are now packed, onto book sorting out!
9:47 AM Aug 13th - i am being a mad, heavily pregnant lady, alternating between emotional sobbing fits at the thought of birth tomorrow, and cleaning the flat!
4:56 AM Aug 13th - am writing up my last lj entries before the rest of a busy final pre-baby day - gulp!
4:46 AM Aug 13th - back from Lucerne and on the last list of things to do! Wamh me luck :-)
8:23 AM Aug 12th - am enjoying the delights of a final child-free hotel stay - the wondeful montana art deco in Lucerne. Posh dinner later ;-)
12:55 PM Aug 11th - am tired but happy after seeing the latest HP film - maybe the last cinema trip for the next 18 years!!! 8:03 PM Aug 10th - paperwork mostly done, now off to the panorama spa with jill for a chilled out evening :-)
1:06 PM Aug 9th - am finally organised and am now clearing the mess that is my desk, plus blogging some updates...
8:23 AM Aug 9th - am up and am delighted that she is back into lj - blogging will resume shortly :-)
6:46 AM Aug 9th - Calling it a day and going to bed! lj still down :-(
7:57 PM Aug 8th - I wanna blog, blog, blog :-( Come on livejournal.com, buck your ideas up!
4:40 PM Aug 8th - am still annoyed cos livejournal is still down - anyone know why? Or how I can get back in again? :-)
7:10 AM Aug 8th - am annoyed cos livejournal seems to be down and I want to blog before bed!
6:55 PM Aug 7th - enjoying first day off work on maternity leave! Coffee with friend, lunch with mr.ncot, then some shopping at sihl city - off for a nap now!
12:19 PM Aug 7th - Just leaving work, clear desk, empty inbox, no pending tasks, but lump in throat! Back in march 2010...
1:33 PM Aug 6th - am having a major "Oh my god, I'm having a baby in a week" wibble - anyone got any calming tips. I should be excited not worried, right? :-)
8:24 PM Aug 5th - am struggling to send a mass email to PWG - blasted website!
7:46 PM Aug 5th - am busy translation Business School system documents from German to English in a sweltering office - what fun!
11:56 AM Aug 5th - am ploughing successfully through my last lamt of tasks at work, and chain eating Rennies, whilst the sun shines in a deep blue sky!
11:24 AM Aug 5th - am wondering what she is doing wrong - still working just 10 days away from birth of first child, whilst hubbie is at home still in bed!
5:31 AM Aug 5th - still awake and suffering again from insomnia - work will be a struggle tomorrow!
11:04 PM Aug 3rd - have just finished filling in a pile of paperwork for my hospital stay from the 14th Aug - don'tya love swams bureacracy - now off to bed!
8:21 PM Aug 3rd - have just woken up from a little sleep and am feeling a lot better - bump has also woken up and is now kicking again!
4:02 PM Aug 3rd - am back from hospital appt - baby is not for turning, so we are good to go on Aug 14th - the countdown starts...
9:39 AM Aug 3rd - doing last minute online shopping for baby bits and pieces and for me!
7:54 AM Aug 2nd - trying to cool down and relax so that I can go to bed and have a realistic chance of sleeping! Am knackered and cranky ....
8:28 PM Aug 1st - am nesting, clearing the flat, pottering, backing up my laptop!
9:47 AM Aug 1st - Admiring my new look livejournal site: http://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com. Mug image designed by Sarah Macintyre
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